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  • output patch 0.9.8 should not delay the release date – KTTS;
  • in the game mode will introduce a more detailed selection filters technique, not long to wait;
  • introduction of individual decals for explosive results Figure 1 (left to right – bb, cumulative, bomb, no penetration) – KTTS, there is nothing to say can not;
  • in patch 0.9.8. there will be new interesting and fun “features” in May will be a test;
  • uninterrupted course of the conveyor to an HD-art models have already established;
  • whether or not now expect HD-tanks dozens of pieces in patches – in any case, will not promise anything;
  • about the possibility of downloading the new HD-quality textures for the players, the company WG yet officially the opinion that players do not need these textures. But inside the WG has several points of view on this issue can be anything and change;
  • M. Zywiec relatively new textures in HD-quality said: “I do not care how special a player, to be honest. Against the background of old maps display strongly feel the need for high-quality textures tanks exaggerated. Here is how the card for a new start to show, then yes – it would be nice to pull tanks and texture. But this is only my personal opinion. Well me personally more than satisfied with the current completely. But it’s me personally. “;
  • class technology ART SAU podvergnentsya more changes this year;
  • first made textures for tanks, not for cards because WoT – a game about tanks ;
  • concerning damage reduction artillery – and discuss it including;
  • concerning conversations that balance in the sand that is not grown together output and skill players also throws the newcomers – there is nothing can not say;
  • most important thing for us in the WG released Upgrades – Upgrade BW. Very long delayed. For players agree, a little bit out. More, by the way, there is a new French tanks and map;
  • zoom setting interface elements work. But only when the resolution is changed x2. Of 2048×1536 and higher. Multiples of 1024×768;
  • what weapon Cromwell-Berlin for TTX coincides with the top line instrument Cromwell “75 mm Vickers HV”, and in appearance with predtopovym “75 mm Gun Mk. V”




this is done is going, there is a difficult situation turned out;

  • on the tank IS2 Berlin, in the description refers to the new armor 120mm

    kollizhine but it is not – understand;

  • rule, in which the one with “shots” stands out not more than half the crew is only valid for no penetration – confirm;
  • change TTX (apnut) Chinese premiumnyh LT 7 Type-62 level, the timing is not yet called;
  • to update 0.9.8 for tanking experience and mode “Opposition” does not appear, changes platoon LBZ will not;
  • conditions for obtaining marks on the trunks checked, the current behavior of the right;
  • benefits of moving to a new engine for BW is a simple player in some increase in performance for some configurations. First of all, because you can play at all calculators. UE3, for example, it is quite old, does not know how a lot of things that can the same BW;
  • translation of the American TT level 10 T110E5 in HD-quality already in the works;
  • work over the map ” North-West “turned off, return it to the rand not plan to.
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