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[1,999,002] & gt;
    [1,999,005] with respect to changes in the map “Prokhorovka”


– an additional card for individual tests; – M.Zhivets previously said that it will be increased in size, it is not, it is wrong, and what is recognized when it re-measure;

  • map “Dragon Ridge” problem was in large differences in elevation;
  • if you enter the game functionality, in which players will be given the ability to block for some time certain cards, then the waiting time Released into battle could increase significantly. Expert assessment – up to 5 minutes can stretch;
  • [1,999,005] the statements of players, it was nothing, 5 minutes – not weeks, M.Zhivets replied that it only seems that way, every battle to wait 5 minutes, get bored very, very quickly with an average lifetime of 4 minutes in combat. The developers are not ready to go to a decrease in the number of fights due to increased waiting times

  • concerning the map “Lost City”, why not start it in the random – one of the main claims of the new regimes has always been that the developers make them on the old maps. Do not want to lose the exclusivity of the “city”;
  • after the implementation of existing LBZ will also have to be other problems;
  • concerning armor penetration test, developers once again repeat – this is a test. No need to panic. The proposed solutions sometimes very controversial, which is why they are rolled out on the test, and do not enter directly into the game,
  • before LBZ was not a single unversioned test LBZ with collecting comments. And nowhere stated that “the proposed solutions are controversial”;
  • concerning broneprobitiya M.Zhivets said: “The breaking of the historicity of trying to do, but if it” does not climb into balance, “we change it so that we need. Actually it always has been. “;
  • combat mission for British premiumnyh tanks FV4202 is available,” For those who have bled the machine. “Timing is not yet known;
  • [1,999,005] first will understand the physics of movement of tanks . Introduce new physics movement of tanks. You do not need to do labels like “2.0”, and then they will stick all the way to the destruction and the like;

    [1,999,005] Suspension Swedish tank Strv-103 does not depend on physics, a tank plan to enter the game;

  • to enter the tank to the game will not be;

  • tank Mammut is balance;
  • when rebalancing 8-10 penetration levels, “ups” machines with low price breaks for its level will not only will decrease;
  • [1,999,005] in the update 0.9.9 will introduce Spähpanzer SP IC He is ready,

  • at the level of the Soviet TT 8 IS-3 mechanism has two loading hatch in the tower, but there is a small,
  • [1,999,005] from the M48 / M60 turns out that the commander and charging can be considered “radio operators.” In reality, the commander close to our definition of “radio operator”. The crew was eventually made a unified T95E6.


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