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  • kollizhn on the Soviet model TT 10-level IS-7 final drives are now correct;
  • [1,999,003] how things are with the support of the game client on Windows 10, M.Zhivtsu is not yet known;

    [1,999,003] the question of the timing of release DX11 and multicore support, left without comment that circulated rumors that one of the developers said that the planned output in the next two patches – another fake;

  • when you switch tanks in the hangar Video 1 observed flicker when the smoothing – it’s not a bug, but a feature of smoothing operation;
  • [1,999,003] some Soviet and Chinese tanks have changed the model damage so that they no longer coincide with the visual models (talking about bottoms) – it was so intended;

    [1,999,003] online players 550k summer in prime time – this is normal. Last year online was a little bit less (by a few percent).

    [1,999,017] & gt; [1,999,019] & gt; [1,999,021]

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