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– test new physics will last three days, it’s more than enough for the first time;
– to test new physics handbrake is activated by pressing ” gap “, it can be reassigned, a new feature in release now it does not exist;
– by a new physics not have time to enter in the patch 0.9.7 to 0.9.8 and no. Who will conduct the test, collect feedback, bugs corrected and will decide what and how;
– have not HD tanks visually detailed suspension will not work;
– on the implementation of the historicity of the transmission projects at Porsche have not thought;
– implementation of the “turbopantery” in the game is possible, but so far no plans;
– enter the new physics at the FPS will not affect at all. This is the physics of motion of the tank, is considered to be on the server. On the client sends the new coordinates of the tank and all. Traffic in this case, too, or how not to grow. How to transfer position and orientation in space, and will be transmitted;
– if the tank in a game tip, will first wait (as in drowning). Then the explosion, the tower at the same time will not fall off. If you turn while waiting – everything is OK.
– card by entering the new physics is not altered, the tanks are the same as in version 0.9.2;
– Implementation of the rails as physical objects in order that they do not pass through the rollers would entail severe complication kollizhnov and the load on the server performance;
– on soil permeability unified and more than 3, 6 ground now and each of them has a solid state (mostly road) and normal, soft separately ( often swamp, mud, water). However, tanks and various types of hangers caterpillars and as a consequence, high mechanical losses in the transmission and the drive characteristics and high longitudinal and lateral grip and rolling resistance to various types of surfaces. (Well, for example, hellish lugs “tortilla” excellent longitudinal grip hold on the ground, but does not help in the concrete, but rather, on the contrary). This soil characteristics, but because of the fact that, in different driving tanks, different shape, width and material lug (Amer common rubberised tracks) they interact with each in its own grounds,
– enter the new physics will not wait complete redesign of tanks in HD;
– Client version 0.9.2 have chosen for the test because of the fact that work on the physics were conducted in a branch of this version;
– with the introduction of new physics, apa tanks with poor permeability is still not there will be. With physics parameters vary, but patency in tanks will remain the same;
– damage from a collision with indestructible objects, such as a concrete house is not administered;
– Physics will have a more realistic option. Simplified physics, unfortunately, was zabagovannuyu and is not suitable for large test;
– caterpillar tank will remain as before, that is, and will remain a set of reference points. Whole tracks will not;
– made on another point on the upper front and rear wheels, jam after pinning should stop and improve the possibility of a higher tank climb and crush lower.

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