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[1,999,002] & gt; [1,999,004]
  • [1,999,006]

    [1,999,008] image [1,999,010]

  • adding to the crew of the German TT 9 level Mäuschen 6th tankman (loader) – it is, in fact, the only option, but the issue is solved,

    [1,999,005] the fact that the French premiumnyh TT level 8 t FCM 50 on the test gets into fights with technology level 10 – probably just obvious distortions in the queues. The same applies to German premiumnyh ST level 7 Panther / M10;

  • concerning caterpillars white – these tracks now in patch 0.9.8 glow. Still have not decided the question;

  • concerning the introduction of 4K texture – looking at the statistics on the use of HD and SD customers, until they came to the opinion that it is necessary to spread;
  • [1,999,005] last update on the test client can not deliver, You need to separately download entirely new. I mean, do not need to update over the old test or the top of the main client. It is necessary to put the test in a separate folder;

  • Statistics do not collect on the Autobahn, disabling it – it’s a bug;
  • Chinese ST promo 8 level Type 59 will be in HD in patch 9.10, its output is not delayed, it is in the plan is 9.10. Unmade model – crash, the effects of some,

  • appeared in the British TT network screens FV215b level 10 in HD – is Photoshop;
  • [1,999,005] to change the figures to the Chinese Tower booking promotional ST 8 level Type 59 is not to be;

  • about the issue of the transfer of “KTTS 0.9.9” do not forget to be;
  • [1,999,005] optimizations for multithreaded rendering the patch 0.9.9 was not,

    [1,999,005] “Resolved vulnerabilities Some models damage tanks (18 machines), allowing them to penetrate into the front projection of the instruments with low armor penetration “- a complete list of equipment will be in the release;

    [1,999,005] to replace the tanks entered once, because it is not a premium car and can be reconfigure in the release;

  • about what event with these fixed tanks letter P is a test to check and adjust the regime itself, and after all site tests will provide an opportunity to take in fighting their tanks – still can not talk about it;
  • tanks for the event mode to do the promotional status will not be as mode Farm slaughters the entire economy, which is based on the fact that the 10s are not PHARMA;
  • [1,999,005] to show the Japanese TT Tiger on level 6 test, no one promised;

  • CT 9 American M46 Patton level tower is now ruled. Will remove the “smile” and will press it to the body about 5-6 cm. The problem discovered recently, did not have time to correct. Triangles in kollizhnah from the start of the project, but only now began to interfere;
  • relatively bug kolizhn Chinese model TT 10 113 level – he has, in general, do not have these triangles
  • [1,999,005] VFD American TT 8 level T32 has corrected, looking from 0.9.9;


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