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Ответы разработчиков WoT

Answers developers WoT 0.9.2 / 3

[1999003 ] Summary:
– The system of punishment for suicide is disabled. Still can not get it to work correctly.
– HD model T-34 and T-34-85 made by different people and historically housing these machines were not identical.
– When modelyatsya new tanks, sometimes re-used items such as tanks, boxes or wheels, everything else re-do.
– Expose the level of “rust”, as the Tundra is not assumed.
– Number of rust on the IS-7 will be like, what is now in test 9.3
– In the test 9.3 is a bug in the 100mm and 122mm guns KV-85 is the same thickness, it will be corrected.

Q: learned that FV215b (heavy tank at level 10) will be replaced at the same fate befall Chieftain.Kakaya of FV215b? It will withdraw from the game as the T23?
A: As an option – make a replacement barrel for the PT. And maybe remove. Well, the Chief still not 100%

Q: When replacing an early FV4202 Chieftain or Vickers (MBT), the replacement will go over generous scenario, as it was with the T34 ( Gifts for all who inject) or more modest, as
it was with T23 (derived from the game, and later introduced as a new tank)?
A: Highly unlikely. Freebie – it’s bad.

Tests have shown that the tank turns weak. Perebalansiruem and release.
Issue postponed for a long time

-Nerf ACS
Plans to nerf arty yet no no. But apat just will not, because statistics show that the arts are now all right.

-Chinese artillery and Tank Destroyers
Research is underway, partners from China sent us a variety of data.
PT-ACS China KTTS will, but not in 2014. We are now focused on the alteration of existing tanks in new quality and do not deal with these machines.

Limitations on the number in the fight will not happen.

-Kazna for real

Ability to replenish the coffers of Clan real means to implement planned.

-Otchisleniya the treasury
Allocation of credits (received in battle) in Clan treasury and subsequent transfer to other members of the clan will not be realized.

-Filter technique
There is a complete remake of “carousel” choice tanks (will also be added to the filter level).

-System votes
Ideas “like” is there, but until you realize because of employment other features.

-Voronki from unexploded ordnance
No comments regarding the timing and version numbers. The problem is not to change the earth, and to synchronously change it on the server and the client, plus change all the elements to optimize visibility calculation in accordance with this, for example.
Funnels yet only in the discussion, so I do just about They say it is impossible.

Gradually, new music is added continuously.

Protection from sale
It may be introduced protection from the sale premiumnyh technology.

-Obeschali discount on technique 8,9 and 10 urovnya.Tak Now, whether it will proceed with the action on the branch Lt.-century France? That is, increase the discount? On the last branches is it?
Discounts are not cumulative, accounted for the maximum discount is valid for the purchase of a tank. Ie if at the same time in the game are on sale at the same tank, but one of them is 30% and the other 50% discount on a tank of 50%.

-Shans loss regime [1999011 ] The ratio of loss of game modes is as follows: 50% – Standard fight, 25% – Sturm, 25% – Counter fight. When you disable one of the other modes of the drop rate is roughly as follows: 62.5% – the standard battle; 37.5% – included one of the modes of fighting.

-Arizona and Savannah
These cards will not.

-zone spawn tanks [1999010 ]
Some of the “slots” spawn reserved for certain classes of tanks (you can see that guns are almost always loaded into a special zone). Within these areas a random distribution.

-Speed ​​turning way
specified in the TTC – a limit value. In addition to her limiting factor is the specific power of the engine and chassis quality (and therefore the real turning speed running can be less than the rate specified in the TTC).

-physical model in the calculation of pushing / towing tank of one another [1999010 ]
used a rather complex physical model. Based on the power quality of the running, and weight of the tank geometry (slope terrane) are considered force, then they are compared and determined motion vector.

-Balansirovschik for level 1
Preferential fighting is only for the first twenty fights on the art of the first level.

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