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Ответы разработчиков WoT

Answers developers WoT 0.9.3 / 1 [1999007 ]


– On Ru server, only 7% of the players have a winning percentage below 47%. And 77% have a win rate in the range of 48-52%.
– Map “Hidden Village” will go back for revision.
– Map of “Stalingrad” will come in the upcoming patches.
– Something under the name of the “Black Forest” («Black Forest” or “Black Forest”) is in development, I think this is a new card. Reference: Black Forest – a mountain range in Baden-Württemberg in south-west Germany.

As for the racing modes:

– Some old fashion, in particular fashion to change the sound effects can cause “crashes” and “glitches” in the race mode.
– Hardware Chaffee with “Sport” will be removed and moved to the warehouse, free of charge, when the event is over.
– Barrels and other explosive things deliberately not applied damage in race mode, according to the developers, it would create unnecessary complexity.
– Reward to 50K XP will not be free to experience, after the event, it will move to T1, if you have enabled “to accelerate the pumping crew”, the 50K will go to the crew.

From Vader:

– AMX 13 90 we have not only the top LT, but the tank from which the swing top ST. He’s in a branch pumping dense stands. So it should be able to juggle multiple roles.
– In the client, you can install a mod that allows you to stream video directly to your fights Twitch. Free immediately.
– Fashion for automatic publication in YouTube does not exist. Speaking of video – interesting tank video can be found at the end of the article, and you can go to the portal smotretvideo.com and watch video about the game World of Tanks there. On our site contains various videos on tank subjects, including guides, reviews of new technology, fun and tactics. Commanders, their zamam, and just soldiers smotretvideo.com portal will be useful. I recommend it.
– According to EN 251, it is possible revision of the review. We carry out a full analysis later.
– T-54 region. as a premium ST will be a little more than dull. Not taut. Therefore, in this place we find another tank. On the role of a top LT we like it. Might be fixes TTX.
– Object 906 without swimming is unlikely to appear in the game. But the tank is interesting, yes.
– Do not plan to share caliber gun and the caliber of the projectile, because it will not be clear to most players.
– There will be no “Anti-medals” for “bad” behavior in the game to some players they do not a collector.
– “Vader” made a comment about what “RT 8 NINUZHNY” and refused to Do in WG nerf review of all tanks except LT. Answer: Not refused. Will change reviews. Just we need to first look at the RT to the main servers. As a logged in, any changes are needed, and so on. All planned.

Pro HD model:

Yu.Pasholok pointed out anachronisms in historical models. Says “Storm” has a lot of cases, and he personally does not check HD model.
1 All, without exception, Soviet tanks lights 50s.
2 SU-100. Right on the cabin hanging drawer ZIP modernization 50s.
3 At ISU-152 sidelights of the mid-50s.
4 All the same ISU-152 kit on the left (shovels sorts) – it ISU-152M, mid-50s.
5 T-34 in the back “stop lamp” (which is not) hole through which the fine-rayed hangar.
On 6 m3 Average transmission housing parts, like that are glued to each other. They are connected in real bolts which are not.
7 At the same M3 Middle antenna, even in the form of its base in the “glass” is not put.


[1999003 ] Michael, the new (and old) HD models are quite nicely detailed, but the appearance is terrible, all claim that these models as plastic. As for me – even worse. The color itself is disgusting, some sand on the IS-7, for example terrible looks, used to be better. Something’s wrong with this plan on doing?
We believe that the current appearance of the HD models of equipment is much better than the old.

Michael, and, in general, whether modelki within one nation to standardize / dopilivat under one style?
This is true both of the meshes – one and the same element is in the degree of detail Versatile. For example, hellketa in the drive wheel and Lenivets slot made just black texture when both new firefly holes are present. And chaffike made 50/50 – sloth with slits, and the leading black textures. And texture – different degrees of wear, bruises, from the results …
Thank you, correct them.

were observed in 9.3 all sorts of problems with the HD pack. Next on the list:
1) Download the battle takes place after a couple of seconds after it began (previously 40 seconds before the start) And this is 2 GB and 8 GB of video RAM
2) Tanks in the hangar, which with HD textures downloaded 10 times slower than normal (ie, a normal click – and it’s loaded, and HD – 5 seconds)
3) In the battle the awesome power glitches occur – should ally and shoots do not understand what , but it was there the enemy. I found this out after 10 seconds, when he progruz near me. (Watched like a few times)
4) Change after the death occurs in 15 seconds on the tanks in HD
As a result – the removal of HD pack. Was all the rules.
PS Mods not good at all.

How can “bend” on the T-50, with 330 meters of the review, an average speed of 42 km / h at a fixed ground, and the level of 4-7 fights?
Browse to add. More precisely others will be cut.

“We do not have time, it’s too hard, we collect statistics may remove possibly do much FPS squander, finish it’s update, modify, counts, no plans, etc. “
But honestly …

Mobility helkota now over9000 worse real. He also rushed for 90 on the battlefield. Nerf gun away.
No. On the battlefield, he went, like all machines of the time, God forbid, a maximum of 30-40 kmh.

Conqueror with an improved turret and enhanced VFD something not approached to replace FV215b (120), or Information about the new tower came too late?
There’s a difference is minimal.

343 mm 178 mm frontal and side armor – a minimal difference? Oh wow. Also changed the internal layout and form quite different.
So I’m talking about this option do not know.

– Ability to change the new interface to the old hangar will not.
– The load WoT process on different CPU cores did not touch 100%.
– On the T-54 region. did not think so. In the balance of tanks do not understand.
– From the sounds of the test 0.9.1 is not abandoned.
– The immediate plans to change the kind of “tree of” art is not.
– A bundle of flowers in sniper mode will be reviewed. [1999011 ]
In general, test all new ltshki ok so climb on all sorts of slides, where ordinary mortals access is denied. So why take away this piece? Much of the same new features appear on the map.
Do not touch anything in this regard.

Is it okay that drum barrels indicated recharge time, and for the usual – rate?

“Murovanka” Great to get?
is much better than the old stoyalova. Return of the old maps “Murovanka” will not.

30 seconds a lot of
countdown 30 seconds before the start of the battle will not be reduced.

Private Mode by Skyloo – I want!
A separate mode, where it will Balancing Skyloo not planned.

New, lamp and a good tank video

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Thanks for the information wot-news.com

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