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Ответы разработчиков WoT 0.9.3 /2

Answers developers WoT 0.9.3 / 2

[1999008 ] Overnight:

  • M6A2E1 will not be processed in HD-quality this year;
  • IS-3 in HD-quality does not appear in the update 0.9.4;
  • [1999011 ] Realistic behavior of the track and the new physics of motion, in any case, are not associated with Havok;

  • There will be new perks at the same time, the old perks processed;
  • The appearance of “T28 Concept”, not means that the “Scorpion” appears;
  • In the first Havok will be realized only the destruction of buildings and facilities. After that it will be involved realistic picture of the destruction of the tank, equipment (boxes, etc.), but not in the near future;
  • Shells for one gun can be of various designs based on the year in which they were introduced, [ 1999012]
  • In the fortified area planned 15 different buildings
  • In addition to air support, bunkers and artillery fire, consumables in the fortified area will also include minefields and smokescreen. They will be used by the clan leader, thanks to the new (not yet entered fiche) called “tactical platform”;
  • Only one card “Kharkiv” to be processed more than 6500 polygons walls and 850 buildings under Havok;
  • Wargaming planned ability to configure the tanks in the hangar with the software HS Assistant through API, but now it is open to question because of the security
  • Change the system view of the tank with a rectangle into a more rounded this year will not be;
  • Rocking the tank will be transferred to the server (the main thing that does not lag)
  • Two new modes mentioned Storm, will be introduced to the game (it’s not historical battles and confrontation)
  • [ 1999011] World of tanks Blitz on android so far only in the plans;

  • IB and opposition this year will not be.


Expansion of the staff in the department dviganiya button?

  • Fix the errors made.

Deletes microrelief, but a couple of years ago, the relief was presented as superpuper feature, though the players, as always, did not understand anything and Vine. 1 map, 2 maps, 3 … dozens of them, and now they’re all a mistake, it turns out.

  • Well, that’s true. Slow what to say …

Cut Art, guts – too big financial losses and large losses audience. So no heroism is expected.

  • is not expected, yes.

The problem is that “real” tank, As a rule, this very microtopography for a smoothing. But the physics of the game in this respect, far from reality.

  • As the tank will smooth mound 10 m. In diameter and 20-30 cm. Height for example? Very good micro will be practiced by the new physics.

What corrected / improved / added today mikropatch? (10/10/2014)

  • Fury.

Updated the game client on one – falls when entering into battle. Demolished – the same thing. Eh. And just then added a couple of tanchegov …

  • XVM fell from the new tank.

I understood it. A CV-85 and the void?

  • Bug. Rare, bastard, still can not catch him.

That is, have not yet entered a new terrain renderer? Not from him all this?

  • No.

There are 8 will throw? (About FURY)

  • Similarly MChAZEVu.

Tell us about the everyday life? What is the reaction to the new WG roller Tundra? What to do in the near future?

  • Working life as usual.
  • The reaction was.
  • I will think about the balance issues.

Could you tezisno identify those issues on which the Council will be in the first place?

  • [1999054 ] Now thinking about:

– Review and masking
– distribution shooting accuracy
How to dynamically change launched distribution? Type, came down to the end – almost certainly the projectile will fly to center. The more information regarding the full range of state information, the more the distribution is similar to the uniform.

  • Herit full accuracy on the move – the way to kustodrochu ((

[1999003 ]
By the way, I forgot to ask – what’s up with artami now, there is some limitation on their number?

  • 5 units as before. [1999012 ]

Uncle Misha, and that there is a new sound, soon? Chota watery and then 9.4 for technical content is obtained :( Just after the Tundra 1.43 little bombs … not matter what they do best, we just want to hurry too vkusnyashek all promised, and have to wait and wait …

  • sound very soon.

When will data Fury?

  • It is exactly the same as a top mchazev.

made in the plan of operations “hair iron”: will slowly deliver cards from microrelief. This change is not accidentally connected set of “Physics 2.0”?

  • No. Just has long been needed.

A Th Reach level 12 drink?

  • Yes, a maximum of 11 levels of combat. [ 1999012]

From the TP in the borders on a piece of iron stuck Khimki gankarrier way known as a unique cross-conveyor, if you look like a Currier goes kinoshki we see that the chuck him up and he just can not stick in the ends borders with the sudden stop at full speed

  • Specifically, this will be corrected by the new physics.

Geymbalans Misha, geymbalans !!! – There must be a lot of legs to work)))

  • Come on. Washed down with a separate post questions.

My Chinese glad surgery Iron, want to share on Tor2 in Europe – on Rue planned?

  • [1999054 ] Here on shares just is not for me.

And ironing will the next patch or KTTS?

  • By 2-3 card at a time. Let’s start with 9.5.

By the way as a hangar in the Tundra (Armor / modules / crew) when VoTH ?, and then tired to use the left-wing sites (modeli3d).

[ 1999010]

  • KTTS same.
  • Uncle Misha, these features need to enter a first step, kick foot there who need to be.

      [1999011 ] to exaggerate the importance of such pieces.

    In fact, this feature is 5 percent of players needed, you can implement one button pressed and there was a model of modules, pressed again and a scheme of reservation that the server sees. And everyone is happy – 5% benefit, the main CA even button it finds.

    • Maximum – the reservation scheme in the form of “poked the cursor to the point – showed how much armor at the point.”

    Michael, if changes are coming at least two of the cards and the like bogomerzkih Robin (frequent loss at the lower spawn because of the rush to the edge of the card) and Pass (glare of inevitable when you try to go from the lower left REP. As a result, bands completely stopped going there)?

    • Robin already in 9.4.

    Just stick a bush on the central descent down to the lower spawn requires an incredibly long testing and operation of a department?

    • All the robin and the department only does so.
    • And where are the bushes when travel along the water rights?

    Misha, that bat chat cut ??

    • Nothing. [1999012 ]

    Prompt, and a general approach to alterations card changes made? Well, when you fidbek collected about Perekopa and corridors.

    • Yes, there is too much and there are no large alterations.
    • So, the little things.

    will not roll back shoveled card?

    • None.
    • But some will out of the game.
    • Now we define what they are.

    A lot of cards are going to bring? Maybe let them be? There is a humble opinion that diversity, even with some imbalance, better than tuned and balanced monotony.

    • 44 cards are still a great deal.
    • Very difficult to work with so many.

    Maybe oprosets gash ?? About those cards that will come out, I’d golosonul.

    • gash.

    Here or offorume?

    [1999010 ]

  • Everywhere))
  • made in the plans of operation “hair iron”: will slowly deliver the cards from the microrelief. Tanks with a large negative UVN will not need?

    • “Freedom from microrelief” does not mean “getting rid of relief.”

    What is meant by topographical?
    I understand craters in the center of city maps.

    • Do not. Craters remain.
    • Small cavities / elevation.

    Foundations destroyed buildings on Prokhorovka / Ensk rule you? With certain aspects of the tank rests.

    • not aware of the problem.

    For a long time I want to ask, when to wait for some sort of Patton / pershingo- shaped prem? That article and the corners were, and not as a super peach and a real art, movable.

    • Japanese will.

    What thread taz sta Vang I?

    • Kind of. No details yet.

    Prem st8 from the Soviet Union in general will?

    • In the following year.
    • [1999045 ]

      Only pliz without regular T-44 and T-54 – already sick of them! As if wipes KB lacked chesslovo …

      • T-54 1945))

      I understand, since smoothing area, now standing in the bushes PT at on the basis of 146% will sweep card and for no bump can not hide because of the new trend of “a la utyuh”? Quo Vadis?

      • No.
      • Just tanks with poor UVN in pure flat field stop led sights over the towers of enemies. [1999012 ]
      • And high-speed machines will lose less speed when driving through these places.
      • This is not a noticeable smoothing of large obstacles.

      [ 1999003]
      And why then do the car with bad UVN? Maybe just give everyone the same? And all at once to make flat cards? Well, to simplify the game absolutely …

      • This is an exaggeration in the opposite direction.

      Agreed. Exaggerating. But the trend is clear: first card to dig, then dub. Fast tanks are removed from the game (RIP T-50-2), and then re-entered the pan … then swing back and forth. But the truth is, it seems that the game changed because of Vine CA. Bad UVN – leveled map. Fully PT – excavated map …

      • Well Vine here just to do with.
      • Sami play and see the problem.
      • [ 1999045]

        As discussed almost nothing, you can ask a few questions about your personal life, just very much interested .. ??)
        1) Do you have a family and children? if so, how much, what is the name many years)
        2) How far do you live from work ?? What is it coming ??
        3) How often do stay the night in the office ??
        4) What is your favorite dish?
        5) Who would like to become a child ??
        6) As I studied at the university ? and how.
        7) Do you have the sealed “six”? If so, how many. (Purely for yourself, Proff question from the dentist. Haunts me for half a year. If anything, it is the third six canine tooth after.)
        8) Your middle name.
        9) preferences in music.
        10) If you have any, or other employees. What is a program that gives you an advantage in the game. In other words cheats. Well there you know, fool around in friction. room or another like that. If yes, Have you used it at least once?
        11) and write at least somewhere your biography, I personally would be interested in reading)
        Thank you in advance for your answers ..

          [1999011 ] Sorry, but it’s all personal.
        • About the teeth (once a dentist) – there is only one seal, ate like buckwheat and stone caught – a piece of chipped tooth and there caries wound. And (ugh, ugh) more than anything.

        Michael scares phrase about “the distribution of accuracy” … And so burnt most of the misses with full intelligence and frequent “got it! “without damage. Got money for a shell? Do not need to nerf accuracy better .. cut off all penetration by 10 percent as well?

        • Accuracy want to roll back a bit to old. But not entirely sure.
        • As for breaking – still need to study the issue.

        approve the appointment and congratulate warmly support the iron. [ 1999005]

        • Right now the new STATCOM arrives – will solve the problem or not.

        Explain sloupok: heard that the problem is solved with the “anomalous zone “at the foot of the mountains, which does not allow to climb is not necessary, but strongly inhibits the tank at hitting on her even a caterpillar. Will it?

        • Yes. With the new physics.

        made in the plans of operation “hair iron”: will slowly deliver the cards from the microrelief. But why ??? New physics and running only noticeable – and adds to the realism – and any irregularity – a bonus to cover-up the NLD, what for return “foam on the glass?”

        • To speed is not lost, so do not spread increased to UVN schiki not suffer so hard to visually smooth surfaces.
        • The meter swings (behind which you can hide NLD) one much dub and never will.
        • [ 1999011] Here about smaller bumps it comes.

        And can you ask to be done yet, and mainly on gaming stocks? It would be great.

        • Do not Do not Do not. Keep off me.

        With all uvazhenii- but MU server give tog 2 5 * 15 wins being TOP10. On RU server for HF-220 needs 25 times cause 12,000 points of damage, kill 5 enemy vehicles and earn 12,500 units of pure experience. In this case, according to intelligence should be applied to the player 12,000 points of damage.
        That’s what’s wrong with them. About how you propose permanetno banned user to make custom os, and those who really stopped playing in the tanks and could thanks IBZ return to the game – refuse.
        And that’s just from the last that I remembered. I’m not complaining and I have nothing against, but if the main action of the game was Michael Zywiec, it would be much cooler, more fun as well as for players and more profitable for the company.

        • When all uvazhenii- but MU server give tog 2 5 * 15 wins being TOP10.
        • A Chinese Taipei 59 sale :)
        • [1999054 ] About how you propose permanetno banned user to make custom os, and those who really stopped playing in the tanks and could IBZ due back in the game – refuse, yes, I remember that this is a test, and so on.
        • Do you understand that this is a test, but I still write. Yes, make a mistake, but IBZ a good thing, we will develop.
        • But if the main action of the game was Michael Zywiec, it would be much cooler, as well as for better players and more profitable for Company -Misha not rubber :)
        • If willing to spend time and describe the problems with shares – Welkom, send. Read, reply.

        Evilly, still relevant? I would have written

        • Actually, write.
        • Can you post issue if you want to discuss in public.

        Uncle Misha, please contact the department, where the interface make that button the first time are not pressed.

        • Where is it?

        [ 1999003]
        ESC-menu battlefield, including the dialogue out of the fight, plus the fact in the esc-menu battle mouse cursor may be provided in different places. Tape tanks in the hangar: if it moves, pressing on the picture with the tank gives clicking sound, the icon is highlighted, and clicking does not occur.

        • Let’s see.

        Storm, and this .. and all sorts of rare Tanchiki, like the A-32, too, will eventually be converted to HD? pz4 shmalturm really get an honest screens?

        • Everyone will be altered.
        • Will.

        [ 1999059] Uncle Misha, sorry for offtopic, but why in the first CD does not translate 10th lv., because they seem to crown development and the logic should be the first, and translate some m3 whether and stewards. Or do you translate the most popular tanks?

        • Plans were in HD translate first historical machines that many have fought and are highly known.

        [1999059 ] Santa 3, Deutsche keyway, square, and all sorts of vulveriny Yapi to the seventh level puzzled look on the British tortoys in such hands)))

        • From every nation gradually taken. [ 1999012]

        And what is with these plans? So yes, once there is already “Fury” is added – AshDi model M4A3E8 in 9.4 will be?

        • No.


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