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Answers developers WoT 0.9.4 / 7

PriShTORMilo bit

– A-32 does not receive the hash bombs back.
– IS-4 HD will have a better book than it is now. – Panther 88 and other special tanks, will not be able to test on the test server in the future.
– M56 Scorpion still balance.
– The developers claim that the tanks for LBZ StuG IV, T28C, T55A and object 260 do not earn more loans than regular tanks.
– Panther 88 blindingly clear is probivatsya.
– Tanks test left no mood.
– IBZ now LBZ – Personal Attack Challenges
– LBZ made specifically for charging players to socialized.
– IS-3 in HD 9.6 will not.

more – less than

Panther 8.8 – in battles with dozens of hell just suffer. It is necessary to reduce the level of fighting.
will not. 100%.

Premium tank = worst line parameters = reduced level of fighting.
Parameters were not worse than linear. Mobility worse, but the gun is better.

Make gun the same or a little worse and lower level of fighting.
repeat the answer: everything has already been decided. Nothing will not change.

By all measures, or worse, or the same as FTSM. Dimensions are the same.
No, not at all. There are better options. No, not the same. FCM more.

All the same, but the brothers suffered from dozens of tanks, I will not.
3/4 players about the levels of fights do not know, and you come up with the same arguments.

Description IBZ and realities (of the game XML files) do not match.
because they have not yet set up.

According to IBZ. Minus, IMHO, tie some jobs only platoon. And if you play solo?
Search platoon or not to perform these tasks.

What is your imposition platoons?
Improved socialization. If you do not like socialized project, you can always download games on your computer for free with portal mygamecore.com and rest against the tanks for a while!

Rename Individual BRs in any KB.
They are called “Personal combat missions”

Why not make an automatic continuation to the next combat mission in the IBZ? Players really have a hard time every time manually start BZ, to receive the award, to start the next one. Simple Popup window with the award, under the following tasks and button “Continue” it would have been better.
I do not know. Ask the ideologists IBZ.

Oh and why it was apat FV183? The mobility is comparable with the Conway-2, but is much more tenacious.
Drivers FV something like that does not believe that her apnuli.

Are you kidding? She ponerfili mobility by 50%, and nothing shall be deemed not given.
Yes on 300% the same. And the armor cut!

Playing just randomness and perform almost all IBZ. A goal to get you to play longer (online, Donath and Christmas bonus for developers not turn on), or you really think that this is done to your satisfaction?
Yes, yes. Pounded violently. At gunpoint.

need to perform individual tasks in the platoon. Well-tree sticks …
problem is called “personal” rather than the individual.
Tasks with a platoon quite a bit.
Platoons = socialization.
Socialized player plays much longer.

“Tasks are called” personal “rather than individual” = “in the forehead, that on his forehead.”
Reasoning about socialization – is generally beyond common sense. Getting here vpisyvatsya the fact that I play for 3 years never played in the platoon? Do spend some audience research, which no one knows?
And anyway, I have not noticed that the platoon problem causes a reaction like “Oh, cool, vzvodiki !!”, but negative enough. Thus attitude to megaumnomu plan ranges from neutral to negative.
Well, yes. The fact that for the award will have to strain – causes righteous anger. Everybody wants to award free then.

IBZ platoons with the final version?
I think so.

Machinery average levels from the front transmission model will be correct? T14 burns on the forehead, Hetzer lights, DW.2 off.
Let. It has been said many times.

I’m here arts and never will be, even though all the other branches rolled out to the tops. In the end, I fly past IBZ due to lack of appropriate technology in 60+ tanks in the hangar.
Passed your appropriate department from three non-priority!
You can not IBZ arts.

Michael, that you are often on the PT does more damage 8K? I for my 25 + K fighting such a descent can not remember (although I have any ratings of “good player” to “magnificent”) And if I suddenly accomplish this knowledge base, but the die, that is not fulfill dopzadaniya (at least one of 4!), then Tanchiki no longer shines.
And suppose that I’m back to shoot 8K, while still survive, and win – not the fact that it will happen in the next 50K Battle :)
And okay it would be necessary to perform dopzadaniya 2 of 4 – in fact, it is imperative to fulfill all.
That is the difficulty for me, without branches arts, simply increases dramatically – well, what for all to try to advance a sober assessment of the likelihood of such an event? ;)
The figures are not final once.

A possible without the arts, LT, ST and TT, eh? Can I get my PT playing on Fri?

Thank FTR and wot-news.com

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