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Ответы разработчиков WoT

Answers developers WoT 0.9.5 / 3

– most likely that Waffenträger £ 100 to replace Waffenträger Panther c 150 mm gun (very long, perhaps L / 64). Drum no armor is thin. This machine was on paper, so historical.
– More than 20 tanks in HD we will see in 9.7
– Replacement housing will introduce after most of the tanks will be transferred to HD
– An T-34 -3? Maybe …
– The top gun LTTB not rifled, this bug
– Fitch in which the more battles you have a tank, the dirtier it is entered.
– modern camouflage will not be
– Server replays in a remote KTTS
– Havoc may impose only for tanks
– AMX 40 LT on documents.
– T71 started to sink on Statistics decided to pull up a little.
– Spähpanzer Ru 251 Nerf will not.
– When will introduce Havok will need to change some of the performance characteristics of the tanks – we hope that this will not happen.
– The most dull LT – AMX 40
– April 1, already has a regime, but not a zombie mod. – TTX AMX 13 90 may be changed.
– Did not decided until the end, as players will be able to get AMX 13 57
– T-50-2 was withdrawn for many reasons. He went to the height of his fame, now he does not fit. Will not enter.
– with tanks, which are moving too quickly there is a problem more than 80 km / h will not be to avoid bugs.
– T-54 region. do not pull on the PT.
– Nerf review – not an RT, and the distribution of classes in the game.
– On the role of high-level LT difficult to find tanks, for this is the ST, and we do not want to pull. LT 10 is not feasible.
– This is not the most recent changes to the LT will be more.
– AMX 12t is good for statistics, it plays a lot of people.
– If LT shine well, the income will be maximized complaints of income LT meaningless.
– winning percentage is the total number (parameter) on the tank, there is no specific formula “nagibuchesti” tank according to our statistics.
– LT relevant now, do not exceed the CT LT for the moment. – With the introduction of new radiotherapy game became more dynamic.
– Options stabilization LT normal.


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