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Answers developers WoT 0.9.5 / 5

Friends today talking about your hardware, on your PC, where you spiers in the tanks is a sore subject for the players. Not everyone has the top iron, which gives a decent level of FPS and Ping in the game. And many of the lag to lag! What to do?
On the radio Wargaming.FM runs weekly program “Hour Developer” and “Rush Hour tank.” In the latest issue of CVG representatives: Alejandro Zhmurdin of videootdela and Denis Yakovlev – graphics programmer World of Tanks told us with you the necessary information.

In the game World of Tanks about 35 graphics settings, responsible for almost all the components of the image and affect performance. Practical tips from CVG.
Below will be given advice on the game WoT . But I am sure that you are sometimes problems with the game Dota 2 notorious window Connection DotA 2 . The solution to this problem is well painted in the portal ultimum.ru, potyatnymi words, with pictures and description. Feel free to click on the link and take heed … And now about WoT:

– graphics department, but rather “Division of the graphics engine”, has about 15 people, but not all directly involved in graphics. But this is the basic “skeleton”.
– Originally movie was 30 minutes (Developer Diary. Graphics Settings – increases FPS!), But had to cut back to 15 minutes.
– In the future we plan to cycle clips (this summer) about improvement and raising FPS on different maps .
– Just clip is not associated with WoT, where we tell you about many aspects of your hardware: Optimize your PC, the graphics settings, cleaning your PC from dust. Tell you how to optimize your PC, how often it is necessary to update the driver, etc.
– The minimum support WoT is NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT (2004).
– Intel Core 2 Duo processor and above – normal for tanks.
– 30 FPS is the bottom bracket playability for WoT, the best 50 FPS.
– Resolution 3D-rendering (most importantly), screen resolution, anti-aliasing, shading, lighting quality, water quality – the most affected by the amount of FPS .
– When buying a laptop for WoT pay attention only to the processor (Core i3, Core i5) and the graphics card.
– On the weak laptops put smaller screen resolution, it will facilitate the work of video several times.
– We have a large percentage of players playing on the old 2x core processors.
– Individual settings for each card or set of cards (preset) will be very difficult for the players expose correctly setup in advance.
– If you have an older computer that is not Feel free to clean your iron from the inner dust. Remove the card, sell, change pasta, take care of your PC.
– Laptop just need to be cleaned, they are even more dust collectors.
– Recommend to WoT possible following video (medium price range, but a good FPS): GF GTX 760 and AMD Radeon R7 265 and AMD Radeon R7 260X.
– For laptops always need to update the drivers, because of this can be graphical artifacts.
– Cooling Pad for older laptops very good thing.
– While least once in 3 months clean your PC it will help increase the FPS in the WoT.
– The most important advice: buy a new PC and you will be schschschschaste!

Something like that!

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