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Ответы разработчиков WoT

Answers developers WoT 0.9.6 / 1


– Concerning the nerf accuracy, Storm player asked whether statistical method WG correct, because the difference after the nerf accuracy of only 1 percent. What Storm said: “We checked. Everything is as it should be. I think that if I had not written in patchnoute games “World of Tanks” something about accuracy, you would not feel the difference. “
– At present there are no plans for further change in accuracy.
– Soon to begin work on the functional surf sovzvodnyh.
– It is not true that the balancer 3.0 (new version, which is currently under development) will bring balanced team.
– Starting with 9.6, the rule that the tanks with an open deckhouse have a greater overview of longer works.
– It is not known how it will look to book the tower T-62 when converted to HD.
– Rebalance T34 is not planned. These rumors dissolve Jovi .
Maps always balanced so that respawns had about the same win rate.
– In 9.5 this problem surfaced. After several fights on some models missing textures (are black instead of the usual) Storm says that this is due to lack of memory and that the players have to reduce the quality of textures to fix it (in fact, this problem manifests itself on powerful PCs due memory leaks).
– Patch 9.7 will give players the same emotions that they are experiencing in the game fallout new vegas. In order to download the game via torrent – go to mygamecore.com the portal and you’ll learn more!


– “proletanie” shells through the tank due to the limit range (& gt; 500 m), it sometimes occurred in the past due to lack of precision coordinates;
– The fate cards “Fire Arc” is still unknown, will leave just one thing. (Prokhorovka vs Fire Arc), probably, “Doug”;
– Reviews ART ACS also corrected due to the fact that the review at PT-ACS is now smaller than that of a single-level arts;
– The goal of a “resuscitation” class of light tanks in the game, patch 0.9.6 was not;
– Card “mines” were altered for the second time, “a fiery arc” and “The Rock” in patch 0.9.6 has not been touched;
– The French AMX-50 PT Foch (155) did not even think to give a weapon while without the “drum”;
– Server statistics from AMX 50 Foch (155) compared with what was before her nerf, very mediocre now;
– Visual experience that tanks began to move in some other way (such as IP-3), which seem;
– Not all the bugs in the descriptions LBZ time to fix it, will rule on;
– With respect to the probability of the return of the “old” accuracy, next week will be detailed look showgirl. Now, according to preliminary data, the difference in accuracy results within 1%, ie within the error will look further;
– Repetition bug with randomly spinning in place the tank accident;
– To invite players from the clan only platoon or just friends, but not all, will be further developed;
– Tool to find the platoon attached spetskanal, search the bulletin board will soon be allowed to develop;
– Visual bug when displaying motion Tiger (P) is known, will soon fix;
– With the possible nerf review premiumnyh PT situation is not yet clear;
– Training room for 1 person will not do. Since it can greatly affect the server load;
– The idea to drastically reduce “fashion”, many of which have practically “cheats” or, at least, to make a “strongholds” and “globalku” territory «ModsFree» – is discussed;
– “Fire resistant” transmissions are altered with alteration of tanks in HD;
– “Up” French light tank AMX 13, the seventh level 75 will not update 0.9.7 and later;
– The geographical location of the server RU-4 remained in the same city, but another provider;
– Bug to fire transmission M4A3E8 Fury known work on solving;
– The statistics ART ACS will closely monitor;
– Replacement of two British tanks at level 10 will be made at the same time;
– Armor from the “Chieftain” already measured. In general, the balance with T110E5 they do not like at all;
– Plans for the partial draining of classified information not;
– Bunkers will definitely be actively tested and developed now;
– Randomly select (balancer) REP place before the fight will not. Too much imbalance can be. Even the shift spawn 50 meters
– Soviet medium tank T-10 level 62A in HD is not yet translated;
– Will support DirectX 12 or Mantle unknown;
– Friezes in patch 0.9.6 explains podgruzku models from the computer disk;
– HD output model of the German medium tank Leopard 1 level 10 soon, more armored turret he will not change his tracks also do not plan;
– The effect of “deja vu” if at some tank lost, then the next battle in the same tank will most likely get on the same card, game developers recognize will work on a fix;
– In historic battles scheme without HP will not;
– The same name but different guns into the WZ-120 and 113th in translation in HD fix.

The new tank Somua S35

Meanwhile, PT added a new nyashny tank pumped. At this time it was Somua S35, Medium Tank France third level.
Новый танк Somua S35
Новый танк Somua S35
Новый танк Somua S35
Новый танк Somua S35
Новый танк Somua S35
Новый танк Somua S35
Новый танк Somua S35
Новый танк Somua S35
S35 (fr. Char 1935 S, and S-35 and Somua S35) – French medium tank of the 1930s. Was developed by Somua In 1934-1935 as the main tank armored cavalry units, because of what in the literature is sometimes classified as “Cavalry” or “cruising” tank. The first pre-S35 were released in 1936, and its mass production began in 1938 and lasted until the fall of France in June 1940. All were released a little more than 400 tanks.
At the beginning of World War II, S35 was one of the most modern and battle tanks of the French army, and it was used extensively during the German invasion in 1940. After the defeat of France and the signing of the armistice, 300 tanks S35 were captured by Germany. In the Wehrmacht S35 were used until 1944, mainly in secondary theaters of war and as a teaching and training machines. In addition, a small amount of S35 was put Germany’s allies. The tank was withdrawn from service in the early postwar years.
Something like that!

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