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Answers developers WoT 0.9 .6 / 2


– The new premium IP-6 “Fearless” should appear in the near future, it is possible that it will be exclusively for the Xbox and android versions. By the way, the best games for Android is available on http://appwarm.com/ru/apps/games/
– Until the end of the year to replace the IP-6 should come new Soviet heavy prize with BL-9 .
– New fan events, which will be held at the “Moon» M24 Chaffee in some “lunar landing zone” with 1/6 the usual attraction.
Polish T-34/85 “Rudy “this is the usual T-34/85 with the inscription” Rudy “and any utensils on the tank.
– M56 Scorpion will be the standard for the seven levels of the fighting, with exactly the same ratio as the invisibility of the E-25. He will also be brisk and nimble despite the low engine power.
– A small buff planned for Churchill GC.
– Now developers hard at work on an improved physics on the new maps . Based on reviews conducted by the test will be corrected the problem areas on maps and made a lot of adjustments and corrections. The inertia of the heavy tanks will be reduced.
– There is an idea in the future to improve the patency of difficult obstacles, depending on the model of the tank and its real possibilities.
– Add weather will not be difficult, but it can make it difficult for players with slower computers . Therefore, the WG will conduct research in the future – whether to buy the owners of old computers goods for real money that would estimate the loss in case of input weather.
– Model of a “steel balls Stalin” is ready and may appear in some video fans .


– We will balance the “crow’s nest” on the maps that appeared with the introduction of new physics. If the place is too imbalansnym immediately correct.
– There will be several iterations of the general test of physics.
– In this test, the most popular tanks – ELC AMX 13 and 90.
– Graphic improvements crash models are no plans in the near future time.
– Jams on the maps should be minimized.
– until March 2, will be a test of physics.
– When a skid tank will not roll over (except for the slopes and other factors.)
– In the physical model of the tank now has a pack of new parameters for physics.
– Friction on the ground is now customizable working on it.
– The new physics at the flight of the projectile is not affected.
– We are trying to close the inconvenient parts of the current gameplay and expand for the players.
– If the tank was turned the other tanks or more mummies, frag credited with the last to touch the opponent.
– Physics has no effect on FPS.
– Originally (in closed tests) if you turn the tank to explode BC then instead of the tower flew up the tank.
– Now the tank can “sit on the belly.”
– is a series of damage, not a one-time damage when falling on the tank the tank (if the conditions).
– Initially (at closed tests), small tanks could pass under the bottom of the tank, now this is not possible.
– System under the highway physics will be more customized.

EC-6 Fearless

ИС-6 Бесстрашный
Something like that!

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