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Ответы разработчиков WoT

Answers developers WoT 0.9.6 / 3


  • problems with the release of batches of similar models (eg, the same T-55A is almost a copy of a number of Chinese ST. Or Pershing and SuperPershing) lies in the fact that it only seems that there is little work;
  • Chinese cars are not a priority for transfer to HD due to the low popularity;
  • given in translation HD cards input and Havok, there are plans to change the graphical part of the engine;
  • in translation technology in HD quality, at premiumnyh machines have higher priority than regular tanks;
  • adding screens in German Leopard ST 10 level 1, while translating it in HD quality no one promised in the future it will not be Modell screens. The reason – “Yes, everything is still the same. What are the causes – say, “this is nonsense, not a cause, give me my screen!”. “;
  • beauty of the tank – it is a very relative concept;
    “In the picture too-modern machine. With a powerful engine and MSA, with powerful ammunition to add. booking. Too fancy for the current 10 level. “ & lt; br /
    & lt ;;
  • with modelkoy German ST level 10 Leopard 1 MMO game “World of Tanks” nothing else will not do. At least until the input skirts; do not exclude the possibility to add a rubberized side screens to the body at least in the future customization, but, of course, can not promise anything;
  • problem with the introduction of the possibility to write impressions about the game or update directly in the game lies in the filtration of any “garbage”. How to do it qualitatively – is unclear, the players do not
    represent the true extent of what is happening in this regard. Doubling staff moderators because such a system would be extremely costly;
  • there is an option to roll out holiday “buns” on 9th May mikropatchem individual, if not have time with the introduction of patch release 0.9.7. Remember that the game is free to you and beg buns at least unethical. Next: free games online ,
  • output next update 0.9.8 little delay, as will be ready;
  • decrease in sight on the range of information from non-bug vector / vector will not rule on leftovers slowly;
  • fonts change in patch 0.9.7 will not;
  • card “Ensk” translates to lower levels, expand, or at least be reviewed in the near future will not, and the future until such plans;
  • plans for processing card “Aerodrome” no;
  • allegedly taking place TT disappearance of a randomly level 10 fights – it’s just a particular situation does not reflect the real picture;
  • drop online during all IMO projects is due to the season, every spring and summer this happens;
  • rebalancing tools American premiumnyh CT 8th level T26E4 SuperPershing will not. Some improvements planned frontal reservation;
  • in the game, mostly top tank guns stronger than historical these tanks. Scheme was chosen with the obviously more powerful top-end tools from the fact that other normal circuits and was not. If made real guns machines – tops, and stock – weaker, then it would armor would become too steep, and on machines with catabatic guns in general it would be impossible to fight;
  • minus 20 mm penetration masthead PT and minus 10 mm penetration masthead CT in release 0.9.7 will not go away;
  • “Art in HD will be soon. Renders with HD textures no longer. Priority for the Chinese in HD low “- is accurate information;
  • ART-ACS in HD as a whole will be in the end. German SAU level 6 Hummel – an exception, he is in the old plan was the first priority, as one of the few real art;
  • French medium tank level 10 Bat.-Châtillon 25 t in HD in patch 0.9.8 will not be waiting for him for references updated after a trip to museums in France;
  • even with a delay of patch 0.9.7, the Soviet TT 8-level IS-3 in HD as it enters;
  • instrument of the Soviet TT level 6 KV-2 will leave that which is today;
  • plans to add tanks with open display of logging crew, no;
  • HP increase light tanks will not.


  • German PT-ACS Level 8 Ferdinand feels fine on its own level, to do self-propelled historicity with a corresponding change in the level will not. “With the machine everything is in order. Do not need anything with it khimichit. “;
  • historically whether an instrument from the German PT-ACS Level 8 Ferdinand – “They almost all tanks unhistorical.”; “On it normally play. Not a lot, but not enough. “;
  • considered the German PT-ACS Level 8 Ferdinand as a premium car level 7, certainly will not; “Meaning changes Ferdinand no no.”;
  • an American PT level 10 M48A1 Patton – KTTS;
  • developers think about the possibility of the introduction of a single self-launcher (on the similarity of Steam), through which you can install all the game companies, followed by building the capacity in the form of correspondence, shop, non-online games company, etc.;
  • at the moment, the priorities in the translation models in HD – a high-level and a premium machine;
  • may appear in the game of local conflicts that occurred before World War II with the return of Historical fights but without any warranty;
  • Tower French TT 6 level ARL 44 is fixed, at the exit of his model in HD-quality;
  • will probably change in ART-ACS to this class of technology was not such a disappointment for the players;
  • card “Karelia” and “mines” will not be changed;
  • alteration of the level of fighting all tanks on the balance sheet is not planned;
  • “preferential policy against a premium technology” already explained. “This violates the” food chain “;
  • “What is special rebalance LT will not. Will rebalance the general technique that, including affected and LT; “
  • nerf German premiumnyh Tank Destroyers level 7 E 25 is not planned;
  • issue with vanshotami from ART-ACS is not considered “super-problem”, but some of what thoughts are;
  • entered the game PzKpfwg. PANTHER III A Entwicklungstyp E79-128 will not;
  • full-fledged branches premiumnyh tanks will not;
  • enter the following branches of conventional tanks, with the option to buy them only for gold, for a while, will not;
  • break the current branch technology to some of these tanks will not make a premium;
  • take measures to players who merge without making at least a couple of shots from the damage will not be;
  • “There will be another iteration of the test.”;
  • renders already with game textures are made;
  • not the fact that HD-textures can be seen;
  • this class of technology as an art SAU, will be processed in HD-quality yet soon. At the end,
  • connection between the little experience and a small number of ART-ACS in the battles that scares a large concentration of arts at the top levels
  • a certain amount of new equipment a premium (except for the one that will be released in patch 0.9.7) will be more;
  • This year there will be new pumped, high-level tanks;
  • changes perks (transition “bulbs” in the main skills and rework + add perks) this year will not be;
  • patch release 0.9.7 still have to wait;
  • card “Minsk” this year will not be. And not the fact that there will be general;
  • card “Paris” – it only tests;
  • “Wait 9.8 – there will be a list of changes LBZ.”;
  • “Old gameplay” concrete “strand will have mausёnka 9 lvl.”;
  • “Lob tower Mausenka 240mm, 200mm instead. “Bumps” are larger than the sneaker a factor of 1.5, but 1.5 times more armored. In fact penetration only in the middle of the turret, the edge is with an area of ​​2.3 towers have privedenku of 240mm or more. We sneaker has weakened gun nest, in Mausenka not. The only place where Mausenok loses – it NLD, but its area is 3 times less than that of the sneaker. “;
  • how to get “Sneakers” at level 7 – is a separate issue. Talk for a while before moving the machine;
  • implement the “tree” in the game the ability to rotate the tower through 360 degrees in a static position simply no reason;
  • Work on the third branch of the Soviet PT-ACS with the tower does not start. Even thought there is not;
  • statistics on Soviet TT level 10 IS-7 and 4 used does not show such results, it is the worst TT10; Mouse, E100 and T57 Heavy is also not the worst;
  • review of profitability and charging practices for LT8 is not planned;
  • increase splash ART SAU 100% will not;
  • If you do chance to hit with a projectile inside the circle information completely randomly – this option will give more irritation due to repeated injury to;
  • from the point of view of artovoda what FV304 – an ideal concept arts, developers agree, and on the reverse side – incredibly unnerving. Irritating to the fact of the damage caused. Checked;
  • reform ART SAU think. There are all sorts of thoughts. But while talking about it early;
  • developers pay attention to the problem of high-end content, ie in the future at the top levels of the game will be something else besides motivated to gain experience and credits. It is at this point – the main area of ​​work;
  • with an accuracy of work completed. Nothing else is planned;
  • no discrimination solo players in the game there,
  • “personal” tasks for which you want to search / create platoon – that does not stop playing the game. “There’s little need to be able to platoons. Not all jobs require them. Well, in general this issue is under review. “;
  • further fate platoon LBZ – no comment yet. Think about this question now. What to do;
  • release date release 0.9.7 patch depends on the speed fix problems. Do not want to release buggy patch;
  • whether the new renderer for DX11 or still on DX12 – early to talk about all of this;
  • ability to buy tracks and put them to specific locations on the armor of silver – this in future plans. Will make customizable kit: trucks, cans, rollers, etc., with changes including kollizhena. Wait as usual – for a long time;
  • are players too much to want, or in the company of WG slowly work – both together;
  • it is possible that in the Havok kit will “fall off”;
  • for replays will only edit bugs.


– balancer +/- 1 level will not be
– BL-9 and other non-historical top guns not be removed from the game
– Goldovye shells become cheaper
– It is likely that the gun 9-10 levels get nerf penetration
– The final version 9.7 is ready and is preparing to release
– Chances are, (Evilly said that “it is more or less true”) that will replace Kanonenjagdpanzer Jagdtiger 88, which will be removed from the market
– Balance on skills will not, principled position of Serbia, many times we raised this issue. Need a balance of skills – go to the KB.
– Sometimes we use “Ninja features,” we put feature, look and then release this thing to the public, if all went well.
– Experiments with the confrontation did not lead to anything good, on balance.
– Minimum strap to fight 7na7 (happens sometimes at night, when there is no equipment).
– 2500+ fighting on account means that you are already familiar in the game and do not wake fall to newcomers (speech about You on pidobirstve).
– If the player 3 times rushed to the “bottom of the list”, 4 battle is sure to give top.
– In the first 10 battles at level 1 always throws in the top.
– After the purchase of any tank in 1 fight on the machine you are sure to get to the top.
– Balancer is a parameter for the equipment to stock modules – but we have to refuse it.
– Do you want to play in the TOP – more play solo.
– We want to ban the trinkets when it is not known (10 1 SD).
– In 9.7 will start to collect a lot more statistics.
– Now we have a code (special development) allows players to select the platoon. It’s not only the number of fights and winning percentage, well and full statistics on the account as a whole.
– There is a feature to transfer gold between akkami, from the very beginning of the project, but it does not appear.
– Operation alerts glows / destruction of tanks (which you saw on the general test) appears, but it will be the second iteration, the patch will be 1-2 in the release.
– We now have an epidemic, all companies play in the ships.
– Ships in its own separate balancer, which is developing the company Lesta.
– In WoT Blitz bots appear in training, completely redesigned this mode.
– In China, 60-70% of the players are sitting on WIN XP.
– Works on Mac OS Tanks strongly resumed.
– Now we want to use tight heat maps, look where someone more likely to die, and so. There are many ideas.
– Balancer overwritten. Work is being done, no deadlines. The code is planned a lot of small, but very nice improvements.
Ctenografisty WoT Express and Chinese


– The fact that there is no way to bind some keys to any function in the WoT related to “old problems with Bigworld», developers simply do not have time to fix them.
– SU-26 does not get his old top gun. It will be just a little apnuta.
– The concept that the damage depends on the gun, not the caliber even racsmatrivalas.
– In the storm does not have its page in the VC
– HS is currently working on artillery and tests “4 additional game mechanics for the arts”
– Armor IS-4 HD not nerf: VFD angle changed by only half a degree, the roof of the tower (thin part) became 20% smaller hole behind the mask tools become smaller.
– Players calculated that at the present rate the introduction of tanks in HD, UH will need 5 years that would translate all of them. Storm says that it will happen faster
– Your progress IBZ after changes in 9.8 will remain the same.
– IBZ where 1 sovzvodnomu had to shine, and others – to work in the first lit up will be changed.
– Map “Redshir” in patch 0.9.8 will be changed (change terrain in these areas, raised hill).
Карта редшир в 0.9.8

  • In 9.8 there will be serious changes in the LBZ
  • The changes will affect the conditions of individual tasks, and to
    diversity and by facilitating the implementation of
  • reduce the effect of randomness, leaving only arson
  • change the order of issuance of the tasks in the operation shtug
  • platoon tasks can be done solo.

The hidden video

And finally – a hidden video available only link to the official channel WoT. Why he hid developers – is unclear. World Of Tanks. This self-propelled guns.

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