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– 0.9.5 update in the game will be a new branch of the British Tank Destroyers, it will start with medium tanks;
– in the UK branch will be 11 tanks. 2 tanks will be on the 5th level (Sherman III, Archer,) and 2 on the 6th sixth (Firefly and Achilles);
– a top British CT in patch 0.9.5 will not replace;
– are transitions existing British branches to the new;
– in patch 0.9.5 is a new functional IBZ, by completing quests, players will be awarded with tanks (T28 Concept, T-55A, Object 260)
– JIT concept as tanks with standard level of combat (fast cardboard PT) was not discussed;
– to rebalance the LT until expected only work with the review;
– on the implementation of the options change the appearance, customization hangar until wondered;
– customization of the appearance of the tank ( by type of Fury) has been postponed to rework all the tanks in HD;
– dynamic performance characteristics have not yet done;
– Update 0.9.5 will be released before the end of 2014;
– new IS will be implemented as command battles against bots ;
– SU-122-44 nothing “apat” will not;
– the opportunity to test “special” tanks before IBZ will not;
– will be a great Christmas Marathon with lots of discounts and promotions. There will also be raffled unique tank that has not yet appeared in the game.

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