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-Shtorm when there are new perks? And there are plans for a “memory” of the crew?
Let’s say I have a JS-3, but sometimes you want to play on a standard IP with its 3 perkovym crew. And if in the IP will be able to for a certain number of credits (say 500k loans) to make such a tank (like a promo) that the crew could sit on it without charge
-Perki not very soon. Perhaps next year.
“Memory” I do not plan to. At least for the moment.

-2Storm – Michael, what happened to Havok’om?
-In work. And it will still be unfortunately.

-Stolknulis difficulties?
-In the first place performance.
A small number of damage or destruction of small objects is operating normally, but with buildings still hard.

-When new French appear in the game? About branch CT CT and PT talking about.
-In the next year will not be exact.

Well what then swing in the new year? The branches which will be? Interested branches USA, the USSR, Britain and France.
Wafer 10 to something more plausible change will?
-Vetki will.
Waffles change, alas, no matter what.

Well and traditional. When completed yet masking system, the range of the review? New trees, shrubs and grass in?
-KTTS same.
All of the above is in the plans for 2015.

-I hope Dota 2 operate 32 people on CS: GO has 7 people, how many people are working on World of Tanks?
-Funny figures.
over the tank employs about 200 people. If we consider only the development.

-I hope for 2015 is planned to have a nerf FBG and reduce all-different chances in the game. Maps even greater hope planned.
Rather increased, but not great.

Thank mopckou_svin

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