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Q: I understand correctly that Ob.142 a modification based on the 140?

Answer: Crossbreed 140 and T-54B. He had been then. Do not take off

Q: Japanese TT-10. How to understand what is likely to be “painted design of a finger” or source of all the same picture? While less lead Type 2604. [1,999,003]

[1,999,017] [1,999,047] Answer: [1,999,049] If I remember correctly, the circuit of tanks come across in any document that went from special on the cooling system. In heavy tanks like OI Japanese themselves have very sketchy information. At least something similar to the drawings have only Mi-So.

Q: Leopards in the game have improved stealth, which was the promise of a reality or is it just changes for the balance?

Answer: Rather balance.

Q: What is the podzny tank from in the game?

Answer: Formally AMX-30B, if nothing is confusing. [1,999,015]

[1,999,018] Q: [1,999,049] Still, this latest prototype Type 74 (STB-1) [1,999,015]

[1,999,026] Answer: [1,999,049] And here is difficult to say. For what specific AMX-30B in the game – the devil break a leg [1,999,015]

[1,999,018] Q: [1,999,049] The names of some running from the tanks of the German branch is not Google. Thought up or archive this information?

Answer: Hard to say. But most places about balance. This is primarily a game, not a tank encyclopedia.

Q: Why in the literature found no production cost sovetskiz tanks? Found only about the SU-152.

Answer: According to the T-60, I raised the case of stoimosti.A so I spread periodically at: link [1,999,003]

Q: Are there any information about the project art.Pantery with 150 mm howitzer in the turret? If there is, it is in favor of entering or not?

Answer: This is not a howitzer, which is about the same as that Brummbara stood. That is a tank version sIG 33. [1,999,015]

[1,999,018] Q: [1,999,049] Cannon 7,5 cm KwK 44/2 (L / 70 c “as the gun barrel at the Panthers real or stupid project? The game is considered?

Answer: I Department of balance, but there and so all is good with guns.

Q: In appearance at T26E1 us in the game called Super Pershing T26E4. Error or something we do not? [1,999,015]

[1,999,026] Answer: [1,999,049] Initially tank called T26E1-1. Then he T26E4. So, everything is normal.

Q: Why Bat.Chat 155 55 has the American base, but did not lose the name? [1,999,015] Answer: because it was originally developed by one of the units in the US.

Q: A photo Bat.Chat 155 based on the M47 is in the network?

Answer: Photos not, there are references to the text.

Question: About Somua SM actual information will not come to WG or there is something for him to eat?

Answer: There are, but not all. If you try very hard, you can recover, but would like to complete the research.

Q: T-62B with 122-mm rifled gun D-83 is fat or not? Or another sovkoST that is not needed?

Answer: This is a question of balance to the department.

Q: The game stock T-54 is designated as “T-54 of 1946,” although in his book “T-54 and the machine on its base” “T-54 of 1946” = some other machine. A current flow in the book is, under the designation “T-54 sample year 1947/1948.” This is a mistake or a typo?

Answer: Division rename tank production can not keep up And so, in principle, as the basis of ministerial machine tests. There’s “arr.” very conventional at all.

Q: Why in the game under the designation T-54 are “T-54 obr.1947 / 1948” in the run-off and “T 54 obr.1949 “in the top? After the mass production and cloning began with the “T-54 obr.1951.” So why in the game are not massive modifications and a “Warm-up Party”?

Answer: Nobody do not confuse that EC-7 general run of 5 cars was built. Here again tried to make the car early.

Q: As mentioned in the book there is mention about the plans vpihivaniyu D-25 T-54. What can you say about this?

Answer: There are projects and M-62 T-54 [1,999,015]

[1,999,018] Q: [1,999,049 ] IS-2M Shamshurina – what is it? Will there be any? And about what level?

Answer: Name curves officially IS-2M – this IS-2, modernization in the past 50 years. And one of the projects of modernization of IP-2, with the aft tower.

Question: ST-II – that tell about it? The game is basically like it to be?

Answer: made multilateral – why not. We’ve got a shotgun missing “predatory grins”

Q: On aviarmor (quite a popular source) is “references” on Shturmtigr 88 -mm cannon. Brad or something really planned?

Answer: Rather nonsense. As in the general Yaga with Pak 43. There is mention about the fact that supposedly was, but there was – the question.

Q: There are references to the same site on the specimen IC 1940 (Heavy Tank Breakthrough), which allegedly went as a counterweight to the T-100Z. Truth or fiction?

Answer: http://yuripasholok.livejournal.com/3415215.html [1,999,020] [1,999,020] Tank IS appeared after T-100Z. And soon it competitor T-220 and T-100 are not. He had by then abolished with the QMS.

Q: T-220? Which HF-220?

Answer: HF-220, he was short-lived. In 1941, on tests and it was just a T-220. [1,999,015]

[1,999,374] [1,999,376] Question : [1,999,380 ] In the European team which countries?
A : Which European team?
Question : There’s sort of like a branch narisovyvaetsya, tank building in which different countries will be merged into a single tree, no?
A : No.

And a set of interesting points that should anyway be taken into account:
– Czechoslovakia is a separate nation.
– Sweden will be a separate nation.
– Romania is hardly drawn as a separate nation.
– Italy will be a separate nation.
– in Hungary as a separate nation is too early
– Poles somehow be.

Quote from George

Imagine that the team is going to Europe. Question – how to solve problems with the crews.
However, some of the countries, so to speak, to each other a little bit wrong. Polish Italian tank crew – this is still the broads, for example.
consumables different. Everyone is different.

tank destroyer based on the E-100 with the name “Krokodil” – a real fake Yuri Pasholok in ocherenoy just told something interesting on the subject of these machines, that players wildly FAP, saying “they want, because there figures”. However, it not all so simple turned out. There are French publishing Caraktere, which differs just zapredelnympokloneniem Aryan gods. The first issue of the magazine Batailles & amp; Blindés, for example, was devoted to Tiger as a key theme of the second – Rommel, the third – blitzkrieg in the USSR, the fourth – Grossdoychlend fifth – jagdtiger, much has been written in the sixth and the FAP to Eicke (commander of the “Death’s Head” / “Totenkompf”), well, and so on. In November 2007 came the 22 th number Batailles & amp; Blindés. A key theme, wow, were not Aryans, but suddenly Leclerc. And on pages 49-51 post an article with projections Hubert Cance, who became from the very beginning the main draftsman of the publisher. Thus, we conclude that those drawings which players are making under the auspices of “want, they say there is” actually the fruit of imagination of the French. But from a technical point of view, the chassis is too of overweight in the first roller. So after the first shot machine will be killed, because rollers probably stupidly returns will carry guns.


Replacement Waffentrager E-100 [1,999,015]

[1,999,017] And this is not the wafer on the basis of a panther, which was at the level of 8 Prem superteste! It’s something different on the basis of the Panthers. And this is something Cannon 150 mm L / 63 Historical and real broneprobitiem 200 mm at a distance of 4 km! It certainly will be exposed to the balance sheet. And yes, it does not have a drum.

Visually, it looks like GW Panther, and is referred to as Grille 15 specimen in 1944. She has a semi-closed cabin (it is considered the tower) and limited angle pointing guns horizontally, the way is not small.
[1,999,427] Currently draftsmen Wargaming for preparing all the documents on which the drawing will be collected and consulted with Yuri.

Give you a drawing thereof, self-propelled, but it in 1942. Ie you will understand about how it looks.
On a piece of paper with votermark TsAMO RF has reprinted a copy of the German documents which indicated that the gun 15 cm and 17 cm have the same broneprobitie with different barrel length. But if you please gentlemen, 17 cm it will, in principle, GW Tiger, and we do not need it.


[1,999,423] Thank you very much rudeman [1,999,016]

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