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[1,999,002] & gt; [1,999,004] Were projects ART-ACS-based Churchill is true that in Israel centurions put diesels with padded T-55?
Churchill Gun Carrier, who is in the game. About the rest, I do not know, maybe that designed.
Centurions standardized by diesels AVDS-1790-2AS. And just so the motor does not stick, it is a serious alteration of the engine compartment.

historicity of whether the installation howitzer U-11 HF-1 in the game?


Yes, the KV-9. We wanted to let the series, did not grow together.

Will there ever be published drawings and information about Chinese vundervaflyah (T-34-x, 11x and 12x), or is the coded information by the Chinese authorities?
We received submissions from Kitaika partners, non-publication. I hope that someday their historians yet published a book, the story of their very interesting.

Why the Internet there is no information about the object 430 version 2? In general, whether it is real or just another product tank Design Bureau. Serbia?
did discuss 2 options Object 430. Correspondence is in the archive of Economics.
[1,999,005] real is FV304? As the cart in such a small climbs to 6 people.

[1,999,014] image [1,999,016]

[1,999,005] In general, no one thought about how to climb the tower Matilda three?

The game has a branch SAU USSR to about 261 top guns from 7 to 9 are the same level. Were there in fact such projects and what was their essence, if the tools are the same or is it just WG he decided not to bother and punched all the same tools.
projected under what was available. But actually only B-4 in the series and was. BR-2 with a meager circulation of 39 pieces yet. Under her too much to have designed.

121 and 121B. Which of these tanks has been in the metal?


WZ-121 – it’s factory index is quite serial type 69. However, in the first modification Chinese 100 mm gun. These and other systems designed to. Ed. 121 – prototype, prototype WZ-121.

Tank Blohm und Voss 1961. Is that it?
[1,999,006] Very little. But if necessary, to restore the appearance enough.

What has been experienced and Soviet design TT 50, but the object 770, 777, 279, 277?


Dozens were dozens. Another thing is that while the neck is not completely removed, and because little information. And so we have the EC-7, only 7 types, in Game 2

[1,999,017] Where information has been taken about the IS-3 with BL-9? Were there plans to install such weapons or is it, as well as the IP-4 with an M-62, CB name and Serbia?
[1,999,006] Index for the IS-3 is not quite true. For heavy tanks in 1945 designed the gun BL-13, the one that the Facility is 260. And yes, it was, but then did not get the concept.

IS-2 with a 152 mm – was it?
There is, of course.
We now have three top CT USSR, and only two branches, such as that referred to the 140 project will maintain its own individual branch ST. Is there something to it in the archives? Will 140 sites have their own branch of development?
[1,999,006] We have orders to branch was not, and how, and most importantly from whom it pull, it is not clear.
[1,999,005] When upon a time, said that the technology on the 3rd and even 4th German branch in excess of PT. Since then we entered a lot of German prem PT, and now continue. It’s the former candidate for the PT 3-4 branches in Germany, or individual, standing to the side projects? Recruited Is still an interesting technique on the third branch of PT Germany?
[1,999,006] Rather no than yes. One more level 10 is not, and so there is in fact a copy of an existing one. Why has no one branch vaffentragerov stamp?
misleading – it is the individual, not planned in the branches.

M6A2E1 you describe the tower as pozdnyaya..na American documents on the tanku- later called Tower from the T29 with a few differences, the main difference in the description of such towers kom.lyuk located in the rear and in the middle … of the remaining towers installed on M6A2E1, only the tower a la M26 has a 208mm rear armor, a tower on the report okt.44g Watertown but there is 228 mm frontal armor and prehodit edge in the frontal projection 114mm … Can we expect such a tower?
No, it is not necessary. It was decided to make the most of the car, which was built in the metal. Only brought his forehead to the design data.

Lorraine Canon D’assaut
AMX Canon D’assaut de 105 [1,999,005]
[1,999,014] 7 image [1,999,016]
[1,999,004] AMX Canon D’assaut de 120

know anything about French PT-projects? Lorraine Canon D’assaut, AMX Canon D’assaut de 105 and AMX Canon D’assaut de 120, respectively, the French post-war drawings of the tissue PT-ACS. Will the second branch of the PT? PT based on Lorraine anyway built, so the question is interesting for two others.
At the moment is not reached. Plus it will dulibrovatsya with the existing branch.

Do interesting tanks for the French concept of the ELC firms FCM and ARL? Order was in fact not only to AMX.
There are, but there are bezotkatki, the type of US Ontos. These machines have been banned.

Recruited if British Lt. branch to 8 levels? If so, how long they wait?
pocheshutsya Well, so be it. As far as I know, the branch has long collected.


How’s the reconstruction Maus’a Kubinka? Any progress? To make the engine and ordered the restoration of the chassis?
project is closed, the work is not carried out

– What else is planning to restore it in the tank, and the museum in general?

No idea. We are engaged in cooperation with armored TSMVS, but as a group of volunteers.

Special thanks to Ivan Karetnikau

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