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[1,999,002] image [1,999,004] [1,999,006] – At the T-34 in the game there fugasnitsy U-11. The project was something real?
Yes, it is real, but the tower there is very different.
– Were the projects of any self-propelled guns on the E-75 and E-50?

[1,999,006] – No [1,999,007]

[1,999,002] image

– whether to install once on the KV-1 Gun F-30, which we have in the game a top?

[1,999,006] – There were projects nekolko 85mm guns in the turret of the KV. Before the metal is not reached, each time for different reasons.

– What is interesting is for the Czechs? What projects are implemented in the game?
When the go-ahead, then, and give information.


– On what basis the French tank ARL 44 as the drain of the tower was given something of wretched superheavy FCM F1? How can this be explained? Why was not introduced to the game Tower Prototype?
Tower F1 there has registered for a long time, even when on a pile of Germans planned shmalturmy. Will objective information on the prototype tower – replace. So far, no such information.


– How was unhistorical T-50-2? Can they close the hole in the branch between the Soviet T-50 and MT-25 and zanerfit flotation on the ground?
specifications do not meet the real hard. Therefore we put the MT-25 [1,999,004]
[1,999,004] – Armenians have been a huge number of tanks T-34 and T-34-85 during the Second World War, many of them remained intact, but only one is in Armenia, where are the others? They were of the tank battalions “Sasuntsi Davit” and “Marshal Baghramyan”, there is still another that many tanks have survived from the 89th Taman Division But where are they?
This is a rather GABTU question)


– Chinese TT 10 level. There are projects that fit into our game as a replacement?
Did need a replacement?

– Do you have any Chinese candidates for the second line item?


– From T-54 engines in the 620 and 700 hp? You can even bumazhechki though napkin lay out? And why in the T-54 is not worth “historicity” in the 520/580 hp engines.?
Question to the department balance:) [1,999,004]

– to find out whether anything new about the fate of Tiger Porsche (VK 45.01 (P)), tail number 003? On the sole of the 5-issued and actually participated in combat as a tank commander’s car, which was lost due in 1944 on the Eastern Front. Very interesting is the fate of the company’s cars Porsche, is there something to it in the archives?
died on July 20-22, 1944 in Lviv during the offensive. [1,999,002]

– What is the life Rhm-Borsig Waffentrager?
In life, nothing. Related chassis built, but nothing more.


– Tell us a little about the history of T-34-3 on the Internet can not find anything.
T-34-3 – is generally a T-34 with the structure of the installation. And about the Chinese – I do not know

Thank you very much VC community FTA

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