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Answers Yuri Pasholoka questions about the actual technology. Everything will take place according to the “Question – Answer”. All text is preserved in its original form.

– What will happen to the KV-4, with a transfer to HD? There’s also some 20 projects.
– In the game implemented the project, won the contest. Dukhov project, maximum use of units HF-3, which makes it relatively quickly convert production with HF 3 HF-4. TTX him are here:
http://yuripasholok.livejournal.com/2653499.html [1,999,006]
They are preliminary, of course, but nevertheless it is clear that the machine easier to many other projects HF-4.
In a word, changed to something else does not make sense. Moreover there was a recall nekotrye projects (and not just) ACS-fighters.
[1,999,002] – Transfer HD and reliability – everything okay?
– When transferring maksimlano used all that stuff that was going to last a few years .

– Replacement T110E5 on the MBT-70 is real?
– makes no sense.
[1,999,002] – Enough high-level machines with strong thick armor has in store for input?
– Several dozen . Will all of this demand is another matter. Objectives of the game to push all the tanks in the world. Personally, I do think that the right not to produce branches like a machine gun, it is not a constructive way. We need new, entirely new modes. And if and introduce new tanks, it must be really interesting machine, at least unusual. And, in principle, among them lack of high-level cars.

– Are there any plans on the basis of the implementation Sturmpanzer’ov PzKpfw III, IV and 38t?
– There is probably a question for the game design department. In principle, at least for a branch type can, but then everyone should be engaged in their work.

– PT based on the IS-4 – is real? Do data?
– Almost no. On the basis of the facility was designed 701 weight machines, including even bridgelayer object 712. Charts no no. However, there are some installation schemes armament 152 mm guns, which developed the CB plant №172. Maybe it’s them.

– Swedes and Italians were typed on a separate thread?
– With all good Swedes, Italians worse, but at least in principle, CT branch typed.

– Were Do Japanese high-speed light tanks?
– Actually their high-speed light tanks – this is podvetka, which is now (Ed. – Ha-Go, No-Re, Re-Ho). Ha-Go, for example, is originally a cavalry tank. And so on experiments with McPherson suspension is not moved.
In principle, the Japanese tank building is very specific. It was tough requirements pounded by weight, for the same tanks and the sailors were, and their landing pontoons have capacity of 16-17 tons. In principle, the tanks have been good, very comfortable in terms of placement of the crew, but still a large focus on the navy and air force made itself felt.

– Seen folder Char 13t – 75. Something new to be seen?
– As I said, the reserves are large, and not the fact that everything will go into operation. Tasks stuff generally is not.

– the third branch of the USSR TT – type?
– No, and does not reach. CB something fundamental had two, and because so many branches.

– What information have CTs for the French? TT who planned introduction of a second branch without the “drums”.
– At least they are unusual. Actually I have the impression that in 1940 the Germans French bitten. For the megalomania of the Germans started then. And the French, I can say that they have some projects weighing about 150 tons had three. Two of them even carried out a full-sized wooden models.
Three – this means that there are three different firms were doing. FCM, ARL and AMX.

– What are the options for KV-4, you can enter at lower levels and as a PT? I take as a basis the Buganova.
– Quite self-propelled designed Shashmurina. Plus there are at least two more of the same.

– How real Rhm.Borsig and Waffentrager auf PzKpfw.IV? Paper project or something built in the metal?
– Most paper, but shestikatkovye chassis type “Borscht” built accurately.

– M4 / FL10 has long been in the branch, and now is not present. What’s wrong with him? He was destined to be?
– There probably a question for publishers and game design, istkony (Ed. – Historical consultants) that they do not know.
[1,999,002] – Data on Chinese PT there? If so, how much and what kind.
– mainly based on self-propelled chassis of Soviet or Chinese derivatives. Accordingly, and in the Soviet SAU they like. Although no deal has not been sudden.

– What a miracle / IBE tank in the game may appear?
– Well imbu department balance is not empty.

– T58 Heavy Tank implement in the game or need concrete and substantial nerf?
– At the moment it is introduced does not make sense.

– E-10 will be administered in the presence of hydraulic or stupid that something is not right on the documents?
– not before, what will Strv.103
[1,999,002] – How to ZIS-30 plans in the game?
– I can not say, refs (Ed. – reference design reference) is.
[1,999,002] – Object 726 – imbalanced at the object level 279? Or something real?
– Such sketches are actually a dime a dozen.

Special thanks to Ivan Karetnikau

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