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Антон (Evilly) Панков
Salute, dear !
Anton Evilly Pankow – community manager of Wargaming.net, gave an extensive interview at the recent IGROMIR 2014 on MMO game “World of Tanks” and the upcoming innovations in the game, and answered questions from players .

– fortified mode is designed to form a clan ecosystem
– HA HA processed in 2.0, this redesign with changes in the architecture and content. The structure will be more flexible in order to HS could quickly organize events to CC.
– GK gash on assault and oncoming
Patch 9.4 is still scheduled for October, it will “strengthen 1.1 “
– appears to have strengthened the shop where clans can buy special equipment and camouflage for ukrepovskie resources
– at this store will be available tanks that have already donated for HA
– will be special clan consumables – air reconnaissance, air raid , barrage, minefields, bunkers
– these consumables will be used to strengthen and, under certain conditions, to the HA
– in the video, around 4:55, you can see how it works arpodgotovka commander opens tactical tablet and indicates the square where you want to blow. I said earlier that the player can choose the power, area, angle aiming artudara and other settings.
– will also be “response” to such consumables
– the number of consumables will be limited
– consumables in randomness is not only for clan mode
– 2014 will have two patches – 9.4 and 9.5
– 9.4 will be mostly technical patch. It will also be changed eSports mode with 7/42 to 7/54
– 9.5 patch will be great and will bring many new things, such as the British branch of PT / PT, in which the 6-m level is Firefly.
– HS brings sly management functions clans in the client
– WoT Blitz on Android is not planned yet, but download for android can be here.
– in 9.5 mode is individual combat missions. They will be complex, difficult and time-consuming, with unique rewards in the end.
– in the first version of the IBZ as awards will be unique tanks 7-10 level (most likely T-55A, T28 kontsept and about. 260 of their number), depending on how complex the job, you will be able to overpower
– the first card with Havoc will Stalingrad, but it is not yet in 9.4 is
– client physics will be the first quarter of 2015 (most likely in 9.6)

– in the new physics of motion is improved interoperability with a variety of surfaces, will introduce the handbrake, etc.
– in the tank races not used the new physics motion (real tanks do not drift)
– developed the idea of ​​working on a “mini fortified” for any player (including neklanovyh) using bonuses and consumables, but has not yet progressed beyond the discussion stage
– developed thinking about the transfer interface fortified on a mobile device
– developed working PSUs. Historic battles take in PSUs – “team players fight against bots in an attempt to reproduce the historical scenario.” Players will be awarded based on points (for example, how quickly they achieved their goal). Will be introduced historical maps.
– another mode, are working on a VG – survival mode in PSUs. Also focuses on the modes for the “non-priority” players, suggesting the involvement of one or more tanks at level 10.
– Balancer for Skyloo players will not (grown skill – you have the right nabigat (c)). If you are interested amounting players – play in the companies or CC. However, looking towards developed towards the implementation of a system of tournaments / leagues.
– according Evilli, despite attempts to in-depth analysis with the assistance of some of the analytical center, no one could prove that the balance Skyloo can somehow improve gameplay. Developers plan to a random event (like football or races) that will work like balancer, but the withdrawal of it on the basis of the question.
– the third campaign in the GC is planned at the end of the year. The award will be about. 907 (also can choose one of the three tanks – Tapkolev, M60 or 907). The third campaign was delayed by the need to implement a system fortified.

In the meantime, the office report to CVG:

– The developers have added to the functional elements of the upcoming patch 9.4 mechanism to take rental tanks (it is unclear what type) for gold or silver. When this function is finally washed down to the base, if at all, will take place is not yet known.
– CVG planning program invitations, codenamed “Call.” In general, if you bring a new player to the game and play with him in a platoon, you will not only get a bonus in the form of exp, but can also get as a bonus in a unique Tanchiki if he eventually has bought the technique of the 10th level. Again, do not know when it’s all finished to a working condition.

Meanwhile, in the lobby of the building leaked CVG:

1. Q: About the Rockets, Sigma etc?
A: Statistics are collected and analyzed.

2 B: The fate FV4202 (as prem-8, the freebie will / will not)?
A: As long as no change.

3 Q: LTTB – Reincarnation T 50-2?
A: No, totally different gameplay machines, although in some ways similar.
[1999007 ] 4.: Ury, further development?
A: The plans store (your) with equipment, consumables (air strikes, reconnaissance, mine fields, etc.). Part can be used in randomness (no details yet), KTTS.

5. Information LT Britain, Japan and PT the list goes on …?
A: KTTS, only after of.reliza these branches.

6 Q: On the new medals?
A: It is good and bad – some of Brezhnev-style (so-called “folders”), and some “Bonecrusher” (!) difficult to obtain …

7 Q: On a certain vododele, who claims that the drain technique often throws in the top … (do not understand the question)
A: Accordingly, no lie.

8 . B: Hiding statistics? (Did not hear the question)
A: Not applicable.

9.: About series of drains, magic neprobilah missing shells etc.?
A: Parameters techniques do not change, that is. e. personal oppressor for a particular player does not … change the cap. But there are some bugs (rarely) that Fix up within a few days.

10.: about Serbogolde?
A: Statistics are collected and analyzed. Planned to limit the damage and / or the amount based on the results (“currently observed broneprobitiya inflation, reducing the role of armor» ©).

11.: About SuperPershinge (…)?
A: With all the joint venture in OK, apat not need – to fight eights missing BB, BP needed against nines (eg, total number of BP in BC have Innocent_One about 15%).

12.: Pro perks in general, and the lamp in particular?
A: There will be new, will rebalance the old; light bulb will give the radio operator, those who inject it to the commander will make a free reset. Dates – KTTS.

13.: About BC Su-5 (number)?
A: That’s enough. Or all killed or ed light.

14 In Italian, Swedish, and others. … Tanks.?
A: cm. Answer №5.

15.: Bots botovody?
A: The system works effectively complaints (p-Tats – “carpet” bans – approx. 10k banned lists on the cancer) and this is just the beginning. The search algorithm is constantly being improved (at first bot was difficult to distinguish from cancer), and then the fight will only harden. Innocent_One them (botovodov) hates and for the people does not consider …

16 Q: About “mamkoёbah?”
A: Internet communication while not restricted by law in the CIS. Therefore, you can see 12 + rating in the game and do not want to see the mat – «Use MATFIL’TR, Luke», there is – and the court is not … Bypass matfiltra – punishable (bannable offence).

17.: Disguise, review?
A: Statistics are collected and analyzed. There will be changes in the PT and RT, KTTS. Visibility of the double bushes, terrain folds also analyzed.

18.: Limit the number of self-propelled guns in battles?
A: There will be (now no more than 2-3 per team).
[ 1999007] 19 Q: About the “newbies” barrier to entry?
A: Threshold entry now sufficient, there are plans to reduce more, basic training will improve.

20.: About nerf T57 Heavy? [ 1999007] A: Reasonably knocked out by statistics

21.: Again about bots?
A: Direct complaint in a support on suspicion botovodstve efficient automatic algorithm as entails a detailed check of the account.

22.: Imbalance teams topam (art in the top of the list, the unequal ratio of the prior art, etc., etc..)
A: minor bug occurs at low online or blunt Balancer (???)

23.: Balancing platoons?
A: Separately, if not on the same level in the queue, then the balance of a platoon with one level [ 1999007]
24.: Roaming?
A: Hold. During the development process revealed a high load on the main lines. High load = high ping the whole team (depending on the geographic distance), some for this reason will be very bad.

25.: Bots for historical battles?
A: Do not have any relation to the client will be NPC c own AI. Thus shooting, shooting at the ducks will not. Dates – KTTS.

26.: About GC?
A: GK many sick (especially those who could not). Work is underway to improve (no details).
will soon be at an event in which the GC will need CT10.

27. Optimization?
A: Prepare 2 directions – HD -Customer and work to improve the current (SD). The main problems in the optimization of related largely to the fact that a very heterogeneous material-technical base of players – from “calculators” with Win XP and DirectX9 to modern top-end configurations.

28 Q: On the “engine” of the game ( did not hear the question)?
A: in 0.9.3 or 0.9.4 has been / will be removed sawn (s) last (s) line of code BigWorld. As a result, it will be its own engine from Wargaming. (Another “New Frontier” ???)

29. “get banned playing in a platoon (not) accidentally knocking a caterpillar?”
A: The system works on motorways sovzvodnyh a complaint for unsporting behavior accumulate points (???)

30.: New gift tanks?
A: There are no plans

31.: BB and BP shells from BL-10 and other 120 + mm. guns, knocking down the tracks without damage?
A: Normally on the conventions of the game. I do not like – for realism in the Tundra or the draft board.

32.: WOT 2.0? (Did not hear the question)
On: Modern tanks will not.

B 33: Distribution of silver as well as gold through clan treasury?
A: silver Transactions between accounts will never be (any clans nor between players). Do you want to have someone help – giving Golden.

34.: Restrictions on type skill (League?)?
A: WILL NOT. Everyone was, is and will have equal access to the content regardless of the statistics (not in combat, or in technology or in consumables).

35: Why you can not sell a slot?
A: Sooner or late in handy …

36.: eSports for some sad, some – not?
A: Engage in fencing.

37.: the question did not hear something about the bounce ?
A: (could not hear noisy) Random bounce into allies are not considered timdamagom (???).

38. In: Olenemer from WG will?
A: It might be. Olenemer in its current form strongly discourages individuals. Analogue maps of XVM in work time – KTTS. Cumulative (cumulative) effect of olenemera estimated at the moment rather negative than positive.

39.: About premiumnyh technique?
A: Statistics are collected and analyzed, ann yield long brewing;
For example IP-6 skillozavisimaya machinery and FTSM and Ltsshe – skillozavisimy …

40.: About Stream Top clans and WG?
A: Stream – a PR shares themselves clans, WG to them is irrelevant.

41.: New historical maps (Kharkov, Minsk, Stalingrad, etc.)?
A: Conditionally are historical, while creating uses real topographical data and aerofotosёmok war years, further work modelers and designers.

42.: Future project?
On: WOT 2.0 will not (o.№33).
[1999007 ] 43.: initials, color crew as an influence on the effectiveness of technology?
: Almost nothing …

44.: Old Prema (Matilda, Churchill et al.), will change ?
A: Statistics are collected and analyzed, will rebalance if prosyadet.

45.: Balancer constantly throws on the same map n times in a row?
A: The developers know the problem solved … I Innocent_One the longest series of similar battles – 28 (!) fights in a row El Hallufe 8 (!) different tanks (and considers it normal (…)), 29 combat fallen robin and he went to sleep …

46.: Realism?
A: Realism is not. Convention.

47.: Behavior of the projectile in the game?
A: The shell game – a material point, the rest – the schedule.

48 Q: Question about XBox, premiumnyh equipment ( did not catch)?
A: Poise. 04.05 in tanks lvl 6 on the box – 5 (do not understand)

49 Q: On the economic models, etc. (Not heard)?
A: Economics game is balanced enough. Something about some factors (not realized)

50.: About razvedpanteru?
A: Normal tank, passed without pain, then tap + master ram – must have.
[1999007 ] 51.: About Spine Dragon?
A: A good wine – the Chinese, the Chinese same server. The rest – not so much. If you come back – it is only recycled, KTTS.

52.: Again about goldosnaryady (not hear)?
: Some tanks without Golda not playable (eg T69 in fights with 10).

53.: About Ensk (increase in size and the like.)?
A: The map was drawn under the inspiration of view of the industrial area of ​​the windows, “White Tower”.

54 Q: On the influence of Result from at balancing technique?
A: data from the balancing are not considered (all played on the “complete stuffing” – fullgolda, goldovye consumables, soldering, ext. equipment and tops). Basically watch the load on the server and catch bugs.

55 Q: Why mikroobnovleniyah Nerf technique?
A: For the sake of balance – of the past – took fugasnitsu in M5 Stuart and Nerf Bat Shat (! ?).

56.: Not displayed friends / mates in the list online, do not come invitation platoon, company and etc.?
A: This bug has long been known. Mend.

57.: CB for 6-10 levels?

58.: Promotions HA during the session?
On: WG is working with the leadership of top universities and military.

59.: About frames?
On: WG is in need of skilled programmers.

60.: Historic battles?

Storm broadcasts that:

– Reservations tank T-55A – “almost a complete copy of the elite T-54”, with the differences in the rear of the case and the absence of second turret on the roof of the tank.
– T-44-85 will not be introduced as a light tank (although some of the players and asked for it).
– KV-5 performs well statistically, will not rebalance (Storm adds: “We have tested it a few times”).
– Storm in response to whining about the fact that “FURY” weak, “This is, in general, only a little different from the usual M4A3E8. A M4A3E8 shows a statistics very well. “
– Converted the ability to” The Sixth Sense “will not be included in any patch 0.9.4 nor 0.9.5.
– Storm admits that after processing skills” The Sixth Sense ” , at the KV-5 (with his radio operator) will be a problem, developers will reconsider whether it is possible to compensate as something else.
– Storm believes that the revised skill “Sixth Sense” will be useful for the dynamics of the game, for example, during the active exploration and in those cases, when you look out of the rock, and if the bulb does not light up, you’re free to go.

(C) Evening, siger013, Edrard, innocent_0ne, Gagarinrc.

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