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Антон (Evilly) Панков
Salute, dear !
Anton Evilly Pankow – community manager by Wargaming.net, developer of MMO games “World of Tanks” Community world-of-kwg on the site livejournal.com offers you, dear players, share your thoughts on the following topics:

Topics that are particularly interested in CVG on WOT:

  1. What is wrong with this randomness? (Except for the balance of the teams and crayfish). Maybe something is missing.
  2. What are the goals you are pursuing playing random? Bleeding, articles, farm BRs and so forth.
  3. What do you think about fighting in the garage and randomness in general about GB? (At 10X levels for example). If you like it – why not scare whether siphon?
  4. What do you think about the FFA mode (every man for himself, not a duel). At 8,9,10 levels.
  5. What do you think about team-pvp battleground with breakpoints (mob without AI).
  6. Which mode of fighting (not a team that can go solo or platoon), it seems most appropriate for tanks – offer your own.
  7. Maud for a random battle (as an opposite, assault etc) – offer your own.
  8. launched the second test 0.9.4. Special interest the general opinion about the test and about the new team battle.
  9. The most important thing I want to hear about 0.9, this impression on the map “Stalingrad” and impressions on the modified sound of a shot.

All the information will be read and recorded by Anton. Use your chance. Your opinion – is important.

All thanks in advance.

Reference: Team Deathmatch in the update 9.4

The development team is not only working on new game modes, but also continues to improve existing ones. Thus, in the update 9.4 will be significantly reworked mode “Team Deathmatch”. The main goal – to make the team fights even more exciting and spectacular as in warships. Read about sea battles WORLD OF varships can portal gameships.net And we offer a brief overview of the planned changes.

General Rules

  • As before, bouts in a 7 by 7, but now the game may only complete commands. For teams with incomplete structure can still donabrat random players from the queue.
  • the battle was reduced and now is 7 minutes.
  • introduced certain restrictions on the composition of the team. Now it is available in two versions:
  1. six tanks VIII level + one tank level VI;
  2. five tanks VIII levels + two tanks VII level.
  3. You can choose any of these two options. The technique I-V levels for battle is not allowed.

    • When you enter the battle, one team is assigned randomly attacking, the other – to defend. The task of the attacking team – defenders destroy or capture at least one from the database. The task of defending team – to destroy the attack or give them to capture none from the database before the time of battle.
    • Draw is only possible in the case of simultaneous destruction techniques both teams.

    Features Capture

    • Each card has two bases. Capture both databases can go together.
    • Time to capture a base with one tank – 120 seconds.
    • Maximum capture rate is achieved in the presence of three tanks invading the circle base.

    List of available maps

    • “Himmelsdorf”;
    • “Winter Himmelsdorf”; *
    • “Prokhorovka”;
    • “Ruinberg”;
    • “Murovanka”;
    • “Siegfried Line”;
    • “Cliff”;
    • “The Steppe”;
    • “Arctic” ;
    • “Tundra”;
    • “Kharkiv”.

    * Probability of cards “Himmelsdorf” and “Winter Himmelsdorf “halved each of them, that is, their total probability of loss is equal to the probability for any other card.

    Some features of extension dialing players

    By extension dialing understood output into battle incomplete the team with the condition of filling vacant seats random player from the queue in this mode.

    extension dialing impossible if the team does not meet the new requirements of the regime “Team Deathmatch”. Namely:

    • team have more than one tank level VI;
    • included in the more than two machines VII level;
    • in the team at the same time there are tanks VI and VII levels.

    These changes will add to the popular game mode and entertainment diversity. For more information about changing the format of team fights and other features of the 9.4 update will be available in subsequent publications. Follow the news!

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