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– The new arts GW E 100 is a bad accuracy and “wild CD.”
– KV-5 – not what is not and will not change.
– With Sturmtiger not yet decided, he or PT Arta, very wild damage, 380 mm gun – Restrictions serbogoldy in ammunition is one of the solutions to the problem, but we have our own 2 option. The work is carried out.
– With the new ban mat for chatting, we banim every 3 days matershinnikov 100.000 (Here I want to say thank you for Murazoru video and publicity).
– More summer will be a global sweep (about mat) .
– Explosion BC without Nerf projectiles will not.
– AMX 50 Foch (155) nothing to change, it will apat, but not too soon.
– 10.0 Patch should not expect patches numbering is not important.
– Update 9.10 – will be very large patch, this patch will be fatal for our game, the patch will be in the early autumn.
– We have a couple of surprises for the players, including the new regime fights (not that recently merged.)
– planned AMX 65t, the second branch of the candidate bands.
– I would not say that Havok has failed. Integration Card Monastery, where he works full Havoc in full power – she eats so much resources that my laptop falls into the basement.
– try to play on laptops was comfortable.

– E-25 will not change (yes, there are drawings where it is more).
– System “AntiBrelok” – do not be able to take the tank (to go into combat platoon) who at the N levels above / below.
– LT – the skill of a dependent class The situation with LT us all happy.
– Czech branch will be part of the European tree, is released later this year. CT in this thread will be very interesting.
– E-25 was taken “away from sin”.
– Chinese art is, the PT has a branch in China (collected machine) – but it is too early …
– View Video Amway often.
– Pankow aka Evilly: I play PT on Arte play, favorite tank M48 Patton
– will be possible thanks to the players, soon ….
– Stalingrad turned out not very good, thought it will be better.
– We follow the plums on the Internet.
– The game will still be the European tree suggests separately Swedes, full thread (PT, ST, LT, Arta).
Suitable more Italians, but we More thinking.
– The following company LBZ in the trail. year.
– When we replace the square draw a circle, while situation will change with the review. Perhaps we will have an overview of apat tanks, particularly in DC, too early.
– We know that Rota extinct.
– Plans for the second branch PT The French do not.
– Armored vehicles have not yet Tests on internal tests. – Replace Waffles will, type of borscht, the end of the year.
– EC-6 will not touch, in terms of change.
[1,999,002] Thank WoT Express for the material.

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