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last major event in the current global map is completed, and we are pleased to officially bring its results. Defeated the forces of evil, the world is saved!

End of the World in Figures
  • During these 10 hot summer days in the fight for the medals and unique tanks entered 183,648 [1,999,019] fighters from [1,999,016] 5541 [1,999,018] clan.
  • [1,999,015] Total in “Armageddon” thundered [1,999,017] 73,282 fight.

  • successfully completed all stages of the clan jobs and made our way in Swabia 239 [1,999,019] clans.
  • [1,999,015] In the hard struggle managed to capture the spaceport 15 [1,999,018] clans.

    [1,999,015] Record for the number of battles became clan [1,999,045] [1,999,047] [ONE-T] One-Team took the 8th place in the standings clan. For 10 days he played [1,999,026] 178 [1,999,018] fighting!

    [1,999,015] These guys won and the highest number of victories. image [ONE-T] One-Team won 157 [1,999,018] battles, securing a fantastic [1,999,017] 88% Ratio [1,999,019].

    [1,999,015] a series of incredible 44 [1,999,019] consecutive victories belongs to the clan image [1,999,087] [AVISO] Aviso , who finished 23rd in the standings clan.

    [1,999,015] Most victories won per day the men of the clans image [CYS-A] Coyotes / Alpha and image [KOHEC] KOHEC won 1st and 3rd place respectively. These clans managed to win 30 [1,999,018] fights for 24 hours.

    [1,999,015] Most put a spoke in the wheel of the other clans and clan hinder their jobs fighters Clan image [1,999,104 ] [BS] Black Spot | Black Label . They prevented the other clans to perform tasks 6 [1,999,016] times .



    [1,999,008] Meet the best! Podium at the end of the event is as follows.

    1. In the first place – the clan image [CYS-A] Coyotes / Alpha , who managed to take the lead at the beginning of “Armageddon” and hold it until the end.
    2. Second place belongs to the regular winners of all events clan – the clan image drags FOOD! .
    3. Third place went to the clan image [KOHEC] KOHEC successfully performed in all competitions clan.

    Winners “Armageddon” has already received sheds its Soviet heavy tank EC-5 with a unique camouflage and logos! [1,999,007]

    [1,999,119] [1,999,151] [1,999,050]

    Those participants of the event, which hit the top 30,000 in the number of personal points of fame, but the clans are not among the 314 best can buy IC 5 to 15 July inclusive of game gold map “Armageddon.”

    Players took the initiative and made several informative videos devoted played that event.

    First on the list – Review of “Armageddon “prepared by the clan image [R-SR] ‘Rising star’ with the support of the Alliance” Reapers “.

    “Strategy for Victory”
    image [ AFX] ArtFix Gaming community vs image [- KOPM] drags FOOD!

    map “Sandy River” comments fight TheDRZJ .

    [40K] Greedy Tankers [1,999,018] vs [1,999,224] [SB-H] SB Hawks [1,999,018]

    [1,999,008] map “Stalingrad”, commented the fight Near_You and TheDRZJ .

    Interview with the winners

    This answers our questions:

    traditionally opens the question: Who are you, please, and tell us where you are and how you got into the clan.

    123lgt : Hello, my name is Denis. I am 22 years old, I am from Moscow. The clan called me before the familiar second campaign.

    _SarV : Hello! My name is Nikita, in the world of tanks known as _SarV, last _Slayer_. I live in the city of Minsk. The clan was not long before the third campaign. After returning to the game after almost a six-month vacation, which I started with the end of the first “absolute superiority” I learned that there is a vacancy in KORM’e field. Lefty wrote, talked, concurred – and voila!

    PtaxaUA : My name is Valentin Blue, I’m from Kiev, and the clan was created by me.

    What are your clan and set themselves in preparation for the “Armageddon”? All I get?


    123lgt : Our goal was to get into the top three. But about Tanchiki for men, we also do not forget: in case of failure of fighter who would not have enough licenses to EC-5, it would be given gold from the treasury to buy it. As a result, we have a top-1. A tank got 97 people.

    _SarV : As a clan that quite successfully performed in all the latest developments on the global map, we set a goal here and show the best results, and we almost succeeded. Also, I personally wanted to take the first place ranking in the standings. It happened. :)

    PtaxaUA : The goal we have set the same as in the third campaign: to get into the top three winners. And we have.

    In contrast to the long campaign, “Armageddon” took place just 10 days. Was it difficult to act in such a compressed time frame?

    123lgt : To some extent it was more difficult, because the cost of failure has increased due to short-term events.

    [1,999,008] _SarV : In comparison with the duration of the campaign, you can highlight both good and bad sides. From the good side can be called something that does not need to go all out for over a month, and over such a long period show the maximum results. Of the negative you can point out the fact that none of the clan had no room for error, because the time to fix it in this event was not that vividly demonstrated the many high-end community.

    PtaxaUA it was necessary to act rapidly, and no time to lose not. I think that a short “Armageddon” was very well organized in terms of time, not stretched into several stages.

    Many people believe that success in large-scale developments in the global map requires diplomacy. Is this true? Have you for getting on the podium to negotiate with other clans or easier and faster was simply to win the battle?


    123lgt : Of course, in the event diplomacy also played a role. As competent strategy and victory in battle. But without a win all the rest would be futile.

    _SarV : Over’s Event we are constantly seeing the dominance of alliances. In every possible situation to different clans immediately come to the aid of their friends and allies, and there is nothing unusual. Often, because of this, many clans show much better results in comparison with those that they could show alone. And so teams diplomacy is needed. In “Armageddon” we have not sought to engage with anyone any alliance, however, were associated with us representatives and diplomats of different communities, and some of us tried to help in the Swabia – of course, if it does not adversely affect our clan goals.

    PtaxaUA Diplomacy “Armageddon” is necessary because without it, I believe, will not succeed. In some clans were other problems, and we had to negotiate with them about the plans of action in order not to interfere with each other. The success of my clan in “Armageddon” great merit diplomat V_O_K_A . He was able to successfully solve all the problems, and I told him, of course, grateful.

    Have you been following the competition? Who is considered the most dangerous? Did you try to stop or simply acted according to plan?

    123lgt : Viewed over the clans image [1,999,196] [- KOPM] drags FOOD! and image [1,999,095] [ KOHEC] KOHEC . When image [KOHEC] took a couple of reactors without the bonus, we switched to image [- KOPM] . Did not try to stop them, but anticipate that image [-KOPM] will try to pick up bonus reactors x4, and we, in turn, continued to fill points for fights . The result – due to the number of points for the glory of battle and we were able to keep the first place.

    _SarV : Until contact with Swabia, we spent a lot of time trying to prevent the other top European teams to perform quest chain. The most dangerous competitors, I thought image [LIGER] Golden Liger , image [YETTI] YETTI and newly created clan image [AFX] ArtFix Gaming community . As a result, all three communities were far worse than they could: on the first day image [LIGER] lost target province clan image [AFX] , we are able to hold image [YETTI] . “Artfiksam” we interrupted quest for a third day, knocking out rate and sending a job to perform again.

    PtaxaUA : Of course, watched and always believe its main competitors clans image [ -KOPM] and image [T-MAN] Tank-o-Mania . Intentionally, we never stopped anyone, we had a plan and we followed him.

    Who in the battle was the most serious adversary? Perhaps someone surprised?

    123lgt : Playing in European landings, when many of our clan was almost morning, met with image [1,999,196] [- KOPM] and image [EXILE] REDSTORM . The first victory, a second lost. Hard to say, there were a lot of fights, sometimes weaker clans showed very good game.

    _SarV : Most personal meetings we held with the clan image [CHESS] The Chess , which was our main competitor in Swabia. In total we spent with them ten fights, won seven of them. The most serious opponent in terms of separate meetings steel image [AFX] that we really surprised the level of the game. In terms of tactical and strategic component of any innovation I saw all played about the same interpretations tactics “absolute” format.

    PtaxaUA : It is always difficult to image [T-MAN] , and it was very interesting to fight the clan image [N_ERA] New ERA , a very worthy opponent. Fought against it my best company headed PeZugEHT , and I am grateful to these soldiers!

    In “Armageddon” we have seriously changed the principle of obtaining the prize tank. Do you think the issue of the tanks to achieve the clan, not fighters – better or worse?


    123lgt : For heavy and medium tanks to receive clan clan, I think, better. For weak clans is more minuses than pluses.

    _SarV : Changing the principle of getting the prize tank has its good and bad sides. Players begin to hold on to the clan of the community in which there are, on the other hand, the individual competition for the private and not to be in any way associated with the clan. Achievements players are his property, and any sudden event due to which the player is left without the clan one day before the end of the event, can leave him without a prize.

    PtaxaUA : I believe that if a fighter is in a clan, then it should be a major success of the clan. And if success Clan – then he will be a success! Of course, I think it is better to give the tank soldiers on Advances Clan!

    What impression you have of “Armageddon”?

    123lgt The event enjoyed the regulations was pretty interesting. Of course, everyone is tired, and the time was not the most successful.

    _SarV : The impression left ambiguous. I liked the idea of ​​quests and getting so the island – it is a good filter for clans, which requires not only a high level of play, but also quality coordinators clan. What did not like the list can be long: first, as shown by event, we are faced with the same “race” personal points, which in the end decided the 1st and 2nd positions. Secondly, there was no opportunity to prevent any clan to earn points after falling to Swabia. That is, for example, in our region, we have not had a decent competition, so we were able to correctly draw the maximum number of bonus points from the mines. Thirdly, we have once again seen an imbalance on the region: in the late prime time squabbled with each other almost all the top teams of the Civil Code, while the Asian and Far Eastern prime time were his favorite one region due to lack of competition, other – because of the coordination of the clans. This is very clearly demonstrated by the fact that only two clans were able to get a number of bonus points, as we “Coyotes.”

    PtaxaUA : I think that everything went well and quickly.

    traditional final question: what it takes to create a successful clan? Share the secret of success.

    123lgt In order to create a successful clan, need patience, work and a great team and a great desire to grow and become better in everything. I want to thank all the officers and men of our clan for this event. This is our common victory!

    _SarV : warm heart, cold mind, clean hands! All the best of luck!

    PtaxaUA In order to create a successful clan, you need to have people with you, that you will help in this. One person does not create a good clan.

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