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The last major event in the current global map is completed, and we are pleased to officially bring its results. Defeated the forces of evil, the world is saved!

End of the World in Figures

  • During these 10 hot summer days in the fight for the medals and unique tanks entered 183 648 fighters 5541 clans.
  • All during the “Armageddon” thundered 73,282 fight.
  • successfully completed all stages of the clan jobs and made our way in Swabia 239 clans.
  • In the hard struggle managed to capture the spaceport 15 clans.
  • The record-holder in the number of battles became clan [ONE-T] One-Team took the 8th place in the standings clan. For 10 days he played 178 fighting!
  • The same guys won and the highest number of victories. [ONE-T] One-Team won 157 battles, securing a fantastic 88% Ratio .
  • The incredible series of 44 consecutive victories belongs to the clan [1,999,047] [AVISO] Aviso , who finished 23rd in the standings clan.
  • Most wins in a day won the men from the clan [CYS-A] Coyotes / Alpha and [KOHEC] KOHEC took 1 st and 3 th places respectively. These clans managed to win 30 fights for 24 hours.
  • Most put a spoke in the wheel of the other clans and clan hinder their jobs fighters Clan [BS] Black Spot | Black Label . They prevented the other clans to perform tasks 6 time.


Meet the best! Podium at the end of the event is as follows.

  1. In the first place – the clan [CYS-A] Coyotes / Alpha , who managed to take the lead at the beginning of “Armageddon” and hold it until the end.
  2. The second place belongs to the regular winners of all events clan – the clan drags FOOD! .
  3. Third place went to the clan [KOHEC] KOHEC successfully performed in all competitions clan.

Winners of “Armageddon” have got their hangars Soviet heavy tank IS-5 with a unique camouflage and logos!

The same participants of the event, which hit the top 30,000 in the number of personal points of fame, but the clans which were not included in the Top 314 event participants can buy IC 5 to 15 July inclusive of gaming gold map “Armageddon.”

Players took the initiative and made several informative videos devoted played that event.

The first on the list – Review of “Armageddon”, prepared by the clan [R-SR] ‘Rising star’ with the support of the Alliance “Reapers”.

(c) 2015 [1,999,113] World Of Tanks [1,999,115]

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