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Hello warriors,

here are some armor changes in 9.8, courtesy of fufel_17 (LJ user). The left picture is in 9.7, the right picture in 9.8.

M48A1 Patton – the armor was separated into multiple zones, a new 152mm strip was added.

AMX 50 120 had its commander cupola changed and the top armor zone was changed from 130mm to 100mm. Size did not change much.

Pershing – the 140mm piece of armor was added.

Super Pershing changes – notice the spaced armor thicknesses:

IS-3 – the left part of the mantlet is now 150mm thick and the tracks were added to the hull

T32 had its turret actually buffed

Cromwell – the turret sides were buffed and the mantlet was completely remove (yes, that is a bug)

Sherman Jumbo got nerfed a bit

Type T-34: the cupola was slightly buffed and the thick “weld” armor between UFP and LFP was made smaller

Wolverine armor was nerfed

SU-85 changes

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