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got some more armor comparison between current and upcoming patches, added some more details:

AT 15

-General armor values have been maintained but the AT 15 will become more rounded giving the effective armor a clear buff.
-The gun mantlet lost the 76 mm armor bit.
-View ports added but it doesnt change anything besides aesthetics, there is still a 127mm layer under them.
-Left cupola is now all covered  by the 127 mm layer (except top which kept its 38 mm for arty)
-On the sides, clear nerf on above the tracks near the booty, lost its 152 mm layer and the tracks have now some small openings which show the 101 mm layer.
-Nothing to report in the back.


-Nothing much has changed, same size but sightly more robust and rounded in certain areas just like the AT 15.
-Lower frontal plate received 5 mm
-Driver’s view port losts 20 mm
-The sides of the hull are not more exposed and lost a big chunk of extra 15 mm


There are more changes on this one, overall I believe to be a nerf:
-Gained some height
-On top of the turret, lost a view port
-On the turret front, the weakspots of the machine gun and view port for optics have been removed giving 5 mm to those small areas.
-On upper plate machine gun and middle “button” have disappeared but the drivers view port is nor more pronounced.
-On the sides, spare tracks have giving 10 mm of extra armor.

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