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Hello Warriors,

the phase 4 of the Early Access from Armored Warfare will take place between August 13th and August 30th. And this time the test will be open 24h a day.

This client brings new languages (German, Polish and French) and more will be added in the future for non-English speaking players.

Another very interesting update, Artillery will have special support shells:

Smoke shells (available to all artillery vehicles), creating a large smoke cloud that breaks the enemy line of sight; Illumination shells (available to artillery vehicles of tier 6 and above), spotting enemies for 10 seconds in 30 meter radius. (Will definitely be testing these out on my livestream!)

These are the main features and updates:
    Retrofit system is now available (more information available in developer diary article)     Advanced artillery support shells     Several new vehicles (T-54, M48 Patton, Object 430, Centauro 120, FV721, Begleitpanzer 57, T-72A) with Centauro 155 removed from the dealer tree for rebalance     Game economy overhaul     Significant increase in the PvE rewards, new PvE missions     Large optimization bundle     Rebalances of certain vehicles     A large number of bug fixes and improvements
If you want to see in detail all the changes hop into the patchnotes:  http://aw.my.com/us/news/general/early-access-4-patchnotes

And here some candy for you… more Access Codes:

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