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Armored Warfare reworked their matchmaker article.

Instead of hard-coded vehicle tiers it uses a system of battle ratings who doesn’t only works faster but also easy to adjust general tank balance.

The matchmaker takes into account this three categories which as a whole form a combat rating:
-The vehicle itself;
-Modules equipped;
-How many battles the player used the vehicle in.

The combat rating gives each vehicle a different rating depending on its tier (starts at 1000 and increases 10 percent of the previous value). One of the things that pleases me is that freshly unlocked vehicles are given a combat rating bonus in order meet easier opponents.

Once the battle is formed (matchmaker gathers 30 players) it will go into team-forming phase which takes vehicle class and tier as criteria.

If you are eager for Armored Warfare, there is more detailed information on the matchmaker mechanism including platoons, I do recommend you to read the entire article: http://aw.my.com/us/news/general/matchmaking-armored-warfare-0

So far things are looking bright for AW.

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