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Hello Warriors,

I’ve said previously that who ever is giving job interviews at Armored Warfare is pretty good at picking the girls, its probably the company with the most gorgeous girls in the industry but this…I’m not sure about. This is the new newscaster for Armored Warfare (Russia only), Maria Anokhina:

She also did a Photoshoot for Maxim and have to say that she has… a intricate tattoo, just google her name and tell me what you think.

And what I think is that although some eye candy doesn’t hurt, I wonder if she has more than just looks but not that it seems to matter for AW RU, apparently the job contest was based on “pretty face” (and rudimentary reading skills to read a Teleprompter). I will also assume AW RU wanted a prettier/better girl than WoT RU but in this they have lost, although she has the job because of her father, Olga leaves to the imagination and you can see that she actually a smart & sweet girl and good at what she does, that in my opinion is worth much more.


But lets wait for her first work before we bring out the “Shame Nun”.

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