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Hello Warriors,

this is what the next AW patch, 0.95 has to offer (no date yet when it will come), I like a lot some of these changes, specially the PVE part:

Progression Changes – PvP
Increased base match participation Reputation reward for playing PvP matches from 90 to 135 Decreased base ammo costs for Tier 5 by 20% Decreased base ammo costs for Tier 6 by 30% Decreased tier 6 upgraded ammo cost multiplier by about an additional 8% Decreased base ammo costs for Tier 7 by 25% Decreased tier 7 upgraded ammo multiplier by about an additional 12% Decreased base ammo costs for Tier 8 by 40% Decreased tier 8 upgraded ammo multiplier by about an additional 14% Decreased tier 5 repair costs from 16000 to 12800 Decreased tier 6 repair costs from 28000 to 19600 Decreased tier 7 repair costs from 44000 to 26400 Decreased tier 8 repair costs from 60000 to 36000

Progression Changes – PvE

Increased all PvE Reputation gains by 20% Increased PvE credit gains by 35% at all tiers

Premium Vehicle Improvements
To improve the overall value of our Premium Vehicles, we’ve added a number of new bonuses. Playing a Premium Vehicle now increases Reputation earnings by 20% Playing a Premium Vehicle now increases Crew Experience by 20% Playing a Premium Vehicle now increases Commander Experience by 20%

Maps – PvP and PvE
Roughneck – fixed vegetation Reactor – adjusted terrain and collision near J1 to prevent a dead end. Set shoreline surface type to the proper category, now players will not be slowed down nearly as much while driving along the shore River Point – fixed mission collision on the Bell Tower Structure Ghosthunter – fixed issues with fail conditions for the first two capture points Life Jacket – set enemies to wait until after the countdown timer before attacking the first objective Starry Night – fixed the scripting of the primary objectives so that they are not counting down as soon as the server loads Harbinger – adjusted AI behavior so that they can shoot through destructible objects Hydra – reduced the initial enemy count and spaced out spawns of re-reinforcements Scorpio – fixed an issue where secondary objectives were not always showing up Cavalry – fixed a lighting issue causing a halo on the map Sapphire – fixed Objects with Missing textures

Vehicle Rebalances
T-90, M60, M60A2 Updated suspension values for vehicle to reduce “swinging” behavior XM8 Fixed an issue with the smoke grenades visual effects Taifun – to better reflect the Taifun’s unique low profile and help compensate for its turretless configuration, we’ve given it a significant buff to its camo factor. We feel this will help it have a unique role without being overwhelmingly powerful Camouflage factor increased from 0.25 to 0.325 RDF-LT – we’ve completed a balance pass on the RDF-LT and found it to be somewhat behind the curve compared to other equal tier LTs. To help emphasize its niche further, we’ve increased the RDF-LT’s already excellent rate of fire, slightly decreased its damage per shell, and improved its penetration to make it more capable of damaging MBT weak points at the same tier Rate of Fire increased by 30% Damage per shell decreased by 15% Penetration for all rounds increased by 7.5%

Bug Fixes
Auto-repair – resolved an issue that occurs when players attempt to turn on auto-repair after a vehicle has been destroyed, causing it to become unplayable Kill Cam – resolved a performance issue that can occur when the both the player and their killer have been destroyed Premium Time – updated incorrect settings which gave Founder’s Pack users less premium time than was promoted Ramming Damage – reduced the base ramming damage for all vehicles by approximately 40% as well as adjusted the mass modifier from 2 to 1.5, taking away some of the excess ramming damage that heavier vehicles could inflict. Base – resolved an issue where the Academy and Barracks buildings were not providing bonuses after players are defeated in PvP Vehicles – resolved an issue where vehicles cannot be sold back by the player Decals – resolved an issue with decal placement on variety of vehicles Service Screen – tooltips have been added to help players identify how to unlock specific upgrades Added an option to show the best ammunition available for selected vehicle. The option should take some of the guesswork out of the ammunition selection process Gunner Sight – corrected the issue where a knocked out gunner sight provided an increase to accuracy rather than decreasing it

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