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Hello Warriors,

wrote down a small Armored Warfare Q&A w/ SilentStalker that took place on the last livestream. All questions were picked from you in the chat and I’m definitely going to ask him to have a longer Q&A session next time:

Polish Tanks
– Coming in the first half of 2016
– They will make part of a 3rd dealer

See upcoming Polish vehicles: https://aw.my.com/gb/news/general/polish-vehicles-are-coming-armored-warfare

What about the PL-01?
This vehicle is just a mockup made of cardboard and is not popular among the Polish community.
Still, Devs will review it.

Any AW major changed coming?
-Improved MM which is still in early development
-New vehicles and maps
-Custom matches
-Tier 10s
-3rd Dealer: French, Czechoslovakian, Polish, Chinese, Swedish and Scandinavian)

What about Object 907?
“Really? Do you want another soviet copycat? No. At one point it probably might but hopefully not any time soon.”

Christmas Specials?
Cant talk about it yet but there is something interesting coming sooner.

Any plans for the Base?
-More levels
-More buildings
-Ability to produce boosters

Other info:
-New sounds and textures coming
-There are plans to improve lighting and visuals
-Warrior is being looked at (its underpowered atm)

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