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Hello warriors,

the RU 9.7 patch is coming tomorrow and with it, a competition to win a Type 59, T-54 Prototype or Type 62.

Basically, you have to unlock and excel on most of the tanks of the new line. Each tier has a mission where you have to earn a certain amount of XP (and kill at least one vehicle, so no troll platoon dragging tier 2’s to tier 10 battles) over the course of multiple random battles. The XP’s go:

Tier 2 – 1500 XP
Tier 3 – 5500 XP
Tier 4 – 15500 XP
Tier 5 – 35000 XP
Tier 9 – 75000 XP

First 50 players to achieve this will be rewarded with T-54 Prototype, 51st to 100th place winners will earn a Type 62.

First 50 players to earn the mastery badge on tier 10 (AMX 30B) will get a Type 59.

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