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[1,999,002] learned to fight like a tank. The winning 45th

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[1,999,014] Танк Т-34-85 на площади в Берлине

Soviet tank armies “on top form”, in 1945, was a versatile tool for fighting the immense power. Each such association could have up to thousands of tanks and self-propelled guns, and besides them – artillery, infantry, vehicles and auxiliary. At the beginning of the war it seemed improbable that a tank army is capable of in a few days to break the enemy defense in depth 500-700 kilometers, surrounding and smashing his troops in pursuit of the retreating and not allowing them to take advantageous positions. By the end of the war the impossible a reality.

Fist and not bunch of fives

Combat experience gained in the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet armored forces learned to rely not only on the caliber of the guns and thick armor. Advanced intelligence, communication and interaction between different branches of service became the foundation of many successful military operations. Army learned to compress the fingers splayed in a single wallop.

In theory, the tanks were to go into a clean break, keeping the power to act in the depth of enemy positions. In practice, it often helped kick armored infantry crack the defense

The development plan of attack trying to take enough time – from two weeks to six weeks. During this period it was possible to work out the details at every level, from the army to a tank battalion. Staff officer to work with a large volume of information: maps, aerial photography data, street maps, radio intercepts, the results of surveys of local residents and prisoners of war.

Due to the improved reliability of armored vehicles and the increased level of train drivers has been made possible quietly accumulate forces to strike in areas remote from the front. Tank Army were moved to secretly, usually at night. To move the art to designate a road, which was forbidden to move other types of troops.

Once in position waiting a few dozen kilometers from the front line officers tankers studied defenses and Collaborate with other troops. Tankers, airmen, marines, gunners shared combat experience, delving into the specifics of action “colleagues.” Following this discussion, in the battle, they even know each other in radio.

The source area for the offensive tanks usually came at the last moment when the enemy already hit by hundreds of thousands of artillery shells. In theory, the tank armies were to go into a clean break, keeping the power to act in the depth of enemy positions. In practice, it is often concentrated blow armored infantry helped crack the defense. Tank units and also could be used to complete the breakthrough.

In the final battles of World War II Panzer Army tucked in with a large amount of air fighter and attack aircraft and bombers maintained. In the summer of 1945, during the war with Japan, the 6th Guards Tank Army had even its own squadron of aircraft reconnaissance.

[1,999,021] flit like a butterfly, sting like a bee

[1,999,016] Much attention has been given in the endgame of the war preparation small in size, but complex composition vanguard. They included tanks, self-propelled guns, submachine ATV, machine guns, mortars, plus powerful army radio level. These troops broke into the town, intercepted the road, smashed unsuspecting enemy columns, seized key positions. For example, in April, the 45th only two dozen tanks and self-propelled guns with a company of machine gunners with support from the air broke in the center of Vienna and held it until the main forces.

[1,999,016] 3)	Солдаты и танки Т-34-85 2-й гвардейской танковой армии в Берлине Soviet tanks repeatedly found themselves in German rear so suddenly that the enemy did not have time to react, and often took them as their own. This helps both frontline wit: normal bucket, put the barrel “tridtsatchetvёrki” published very reminiscent muzzle brake applied at the end of the war German tanks. While the enemy was confused, win precious seconds of combat.

At the beginning of the war, during its rapid breakthrough, the German tankers provided the Nazi Propaganda Ministry lots of winning photos and movie. In the 45th the situation changed mirror. Now the Soviet war correspondents have received a wealth of material for the film. German armored vehicles, abandoned without fuel or suddenly trapped when unloading the train, pile of trophies and endless columns of prisoners of war – was to show the Soviet people, waiting for victory.

A Soviet tankers, took the lead in the attack, the cars ran the captured fuel and moved on, sweeping the enemy.

wonderful tool cover tanks caught up in the city, were American-propelled anti-aircraft installation M17, which enters the Red Army under Lend-Lease. The shower of bullets from their machine guns quad literally sweep the enemies trying to shoot at the tanks. Domestic large-caliber machine guns DSK also appreciated the Soviet soldiers.

Strength in unity

Different types of troops trying to help each other. Officers-spotters from tanks equipped with radios, called and adjust artillery fire. Artillery fire ensured his breakthrough flanks. Aviation prevented the enemy to find and attack the armored columns, promptly delivered fuel, the pilots were attached to ground troops and aircraft have imposed on the target. In response, “courtesy of” zeroing tankers special units to capture enemy airfields where aircraft immediately get to work preparing the relocation of their aircraft.

Berlin barricades several meters thick were kept from entering a tank shell. Then the tanks came to the aid of sappers, undermining the debris and barricades using explosive charges and anti-tank mines.

Possessing initiative, Soviet troops could quickly recover technique lined with beds of recent fighting, as well as to treat the wounded. Tanks repaired so quickly that in the course of the offensive to 90% re-engineering of repair came, not from the factories. Two-thirds of the losses in carriages returned to build military medics. In such circumstances, the Third Reich could not save any wonder weapon, which he dreamed of the Nazi elite, the military no aces, which every day becomes less.

In 1945, the Red Army had six tank armies. They were the Guards, and this title just is not allowed. Soviet tankers earned him thousands of battles on all fronts, from Germany to the Far East. They were the elite of the Red Army – one of the strongest in the twentieth century.

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