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In the mid-30s, the Red Army (Red Army) was considered one of the strongest in the world. In her possession were thousands of tanks, planes, heavy guns. And because still not silenced debate about why this grand force before reaching the Prague, Vienna and Berlin, one after another heavy defeat suffered in the battle with the German Wehrmacht.

army – not just millimeters of armor and kilometers per hour. This sophisticated combination of different types of troops, mosaic, which is important even the smallest piece. Without the timely delivery of fuel and ammunition will be useless even the best tanks. The brilliant commander, does not hold the reliable communications and intelligence, lost the fight the weakest opponent. An equally important element – the experience of previous battles. For all the above items in case the Red Army’s situation was no better.

By 1941, the Red Army was not ready for a major war. Local conflicts in which the Soviet Union took part in the 30-ies,
could not give the necessary experience

The predecessor of the Red Army was the royal army of the Russian Empire. At the beginning of the First World it seriously lagged behind the Allies and the Germans in technical terms, experienced a strong slug hunger, shortage of qualified personnel. By the end of 1916 these problems partly been solved. But with the failure of the military supply crisis led to the defeat of the army in World War I and the total collapse. The civil war further exacerbated the situation: a few old army personnel, to gain experience of a major war, exterminating each other, emigrated, died of wounds and diseases, and sometimes just old age. Some had been deported. Meanwhile, since the 30s the number of Soviet army grew, and with it sharpened the need for competent military.

Germany also lost the First World War, almost immediately began to prepare for revenge. The army, whose numbers had been limited by the conditions of the Versailles Treaty, a high level of training. There were skilled engineers and powerful industrial base, ready to quickly start production of military products. Because of this German potential in creating a modern army was higher than that of the Soviet Union the same year.

Before the 41 th – without a serious opponent

experience to lead a major war can only be obtained on a large-scale war. Until 1941, the Red Army was to take it simply nowhere. The troops of the Red Army successfully beat Basmachi in Central Asia, the Chinese warlords in Manchuria and Xinjiang, but all of these were local skirmishes. In the Spanish Civil War participated relatively few Soviet tanks and planes, as well as a small contingent of instructors. A rarity turned out fight in which both fought a battalion of tanks. Tank battles on Khalkhin Gol, in the Polish campaign and during the Russo-Finnish War, can be counted on the fingers. But the problem was not only that, but the fact that the commanders of the Red Army paid little attention to the interaction of different types of troops in combat missions.

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