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learn to march like a tank

May 9th through the central streets of Minsk will be more than 5,000 military personnel and 250 pieces of equipment. The first to come to the audience of the legend of the war years – the tanks T-34, T-44, IP-2 and others. Behind them proceed powerful armored vehicles, which are now in service. Training mechanized column started a couple of months before the event. Our reporters have prepared a report on how the T-72B tanks preparing to parade. [1,999,019]


Preparing for the May 9 parade of the Minsk garrison begins as soon as the snow melts. Traditionally, organizational training center becomes 120th Separate Guards Mechanized Brigade.



room of military glory of the famous connection. March 21 turned 73 years from the date of its foundation. The division was formed on the basis of the first Omsk military infantry school in 1942, at the height of the Great Patriotic War. The place became a place of dislocation Cheryomushki 12 kilometers from Omsk. Soldiers lived in mud huts and tents, in abbreviated form, and studied the articles of war art of weapon – preparing for the coming battles. In 1945, the division went on foot from East Prussia in this region of the Minsk district Uruchcha and since then stationed there.



During the preparation for the parade every Tuesday at the tank begins to rise in 4:00. Already at 5:00 am team organized convoy comes to the training place – a military airfield near Minsk Limes. In the column of 16 tanks, 3 replacement, 13 participate in the parade.



Before Lipki in part – 12 km of forest roads that overcome the 16 tanks for 20-40 minutes, depending on the weather.

wheeled vehicles gets to the airport roads. To move the column overlap the road – this attracts the traffic police.

Extension column armored personnel carriers BTR-80. May 9 through the streets of Minsk will be 24 types of modern military equipment.



Colonna new UAZ, which will accompany the veterans of the Great Patriotic War.


[1,999,070 ]

There are 7 am all the equipment arrives at the airport Limes, where from Tuesday to Thursday are training the parade. May 9 to the streets is not special “ceremonial” tanks – these are ordinary machines that soldiers are trained. Each year, the parade involved only technique that has not been involved in previous celebrations.

first sound team “300” and the command “330” starts moving machinery – on-site dust rises. One of the challenges of training – to teach the drivers the whole column to act as a single entity. They need to feel, and to maintain a distance.

Keep the column to help special marks on the sides – yellow stripe.

Each of the 16 tanks involved a driver and a senior car. A driver to participate in the parade pass Ladder technical training. Older machines – officers and non-commissioned officers – during the parade give military salute.

Soil and dirt – element tank. But when driving on concrete and asphalt at high speeds the car is almost unmanageable. Before a driver task is to learn to deal with a tank in an urban environment.

Immediately after the training range on the airfield begins visual inspection: a driver makes measurements of fuel drained sucks. 1 km tank consumes 4 liters of fuel per lap on range takes about 10 liters.

[1,999,016] Timothy of Gomel region will participate in the parade for the second time. “During the preparation time is running out fast”, – he said. Demobilization Timothy will be in the middle of May.

It is very important that the machine is in any case not stalled and worked flawlessly, so all his free time training mehvody spend serving tanks.

On the training ground is always a group of software and “trucks” – ARV. During the parade, in the case of force majeure malfunctioning machine immediately evacuated, and a column without stopping, inspecting its team of internal radio network.

An important part of the work before the parade – the psychological preparation the drivers. Tankers are preparing for the solemn ceremony features, the presence of a large number of spectators and high management.

Thursday afternoon organized convoy returned to the park in Uruchcha, places of permanent deployment. From Friday to Saturday there will be maintenance and preparation for the next week of field training.

Training includes an oil change, cleaning and maintenance of filters, service of the crew compartment, offices management, refueling of fluids, fueling boilers, direct training of mechanics.

mechanic measures the amount of fuel in the tank and conducts visual inspection. The tank is fueled 1,2-1,25 tons of fuel, and if the barrels, the 1.6 tons.



soldier sets air cylinders – essential elements of engine starting compressed tank air.

a driver for the preparation of the bump on the tank for about 400 km. So they get very big fighting machine management practices – both at speed and on the march. Senior during this time thoroughly studied the technique: all components and assemblies, from the gun barrel and finishing feed machine.

Cleaning in the department of management: to shovel the dirt that has accumulated for a week of training at the site. Painting is done on the eve of the general training. Before painting the tank will be washed, cleaned, degreased.

On a machine with turret rotated by the crew and maintenance departments troubleshooting. After repairs, it will once again be involved in training and parade.

Lieutenant Dmitry Artemochkin, a tank platoon commander of a tank company 355 th Guards tank battalion, “What is a game? It’s easy chair, mouse, keyboard, monitor, and a cup of coffee. And that in fact the tanks? From 5 am in the park you are poking around in unusual positions, when you have to change the tube or get some gum. After training the first time not to wash off – times with the third-fourth at best. “

The battalion commander of the three companies, each company commander secured a certain number of machines. Senior Lieutenant Artyom Bogdanov, commander of the 2nd Tank Company 355 th Tank Battalion, his company is preparing for the parade. For him, it was the fourth parade.

There Artem tankers all relatives: grandfather – the officer’s uncle – an officer, his father serving in the armored divisions, and he went on tank dynasty. On the question of whether the tank omens and superstition says that you need to serve, to understand it.

Training before the parade made to the system of military training – is not just hits, and an important part of military training. Before the feast of the soldiers working with the technique even more intense than it suggests a program of military training. In addition, the technique goes thorough testing.

The material was prepared in the framework of the joint project of the military news “Vayar” and the company Wargaming.

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