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Hello everyone,

an interesting info found its way to me. I have absolutely no idea whether this is official or a leak, so I’ll just keep the person who sent it to me out of it. The message includes ASIA server plans from now to mid-2015. There are some parts of the message that made no sense to me, I ommitted them not to cause confusion. According to the info:

– the cca 400 province clanwars map on ASIA is going to be removed and replaced by a 160 province one at the end of October
– gold income is going to be reworked (cca “800 gold a province per timezone average”)
– the map change will be accompanied by a wipe
– 3rd campaign will come through Christmas
– after Christmas, it’s possible that the ASIA map will be split into two versions: one “sandbox” for experienced players, one “newbie” version for new players with tier 8 max, no tank locking, but only 25 percent of gold compared to the “full one”
– the above mentioned changes are temporary, in mid-2015, new full CW global map (“CW 2.0″) will go up, this map will be a full world map. If I understand it correctly, the entire world will not be used at the same time, but campaigns will take place in one part of the world at one time.

Interesting I guess.

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