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-Various Arcade, sniper scopes and tactical.
-Temny Hangar
Xn in the ears
-Color Message after the fight
-Rating Effectiveness in combat
-Fashion On the total amount of both teams x
-Removed Darkness in the sniper scope
-Detailed statistics after the fight
-Summarnoe Number xn both teams.
-otdalenie camera
-Cerverny Sight
-Max. visibility
-Fashion To WG FM
-Auto Activation LBZ
-Fashion Whipped the white caterpillars
-Tanki 2 series
– “Dzynk” is damaged module with nat. voice acting.
-Sound by fire
-white corpses
-Convenient combat interface (panel damage, showing a tank and some shell struck Islands, etc.)
-pokaz the damage to the enemy
-Pokaz X remaining opponents (which, even not light) by pressing alt
-Pokaz Count of enemies who captures database
-podpis tanks on the minimap
Radius glare of your tank on the map
-Detailed description of the skills and abilities, as well as achievements.
-Kalkulyator Armor
-sauron watching you! (Light shows guaranteed time out of light)
-More Noticeable direction indicator, received from damage.
-sessionnaya statistics
-Improved Minimap
-ZoomX (Up to x30)
Informing authorities about the release of a new version of the assembly (Thanks PROtanki)
-Golden Prem tanks in the hangar
-Pokaz Ping servers on the login window, and in the hangar
-Avtoposadka Crew
-Removed Intro
-Chasy Hangar
-Slightly Improved panel shells
-Fashion On the distance to the nearest enemy
-Fashion Battle assistant – improved sight for Arta
-directions Trunks enemies on the minimap
Disk of 15 m from the bushes
-Pokaz Enemies lit up (in the ear)
And as a small detail and refinement to the stability of the game)

WARNING !!! Before you install the assembly, clean the folder res_mods! And do not put the third-party fashion over the assembly in order to avoid glitches and so on!

[49,33 Mb] Checked! OK!

Icons clans from 06/10/14 [1,999,116] [1,999,077] [1,999,022]
Skins arrangement of the modules

Yandex Money 41001309266835
Webmoney RUB R349200492902
Webmoney USD Z378345771482 [1,999,007]

(c) 2015 [1,999,158] WoT Planet [1,999,160]

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