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Wargaming continues its series of videos about the liberation of Poland and Czechoslovakia from the German occupation. This time, the video focuses on the battle of Olomouc, a city in north-east Czech Republic. This time with a military historian Pavel Kmoch and the veteran of the 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps, Václav Přibyl – both talking about why the city could not join the Prague revolt. Two Soviet veterans – Ivan Milentevich Shinkarenko and Lev Samsonovich Anceliovich who participated in the taking of the city also recount their experiences.

Despite the war being days from being over, the Germans were often fighting to the last man. The battles in Czechoslovakia were indeed bloody.

I have no idea why these videos are not on European server, I am sure the Polish (previous parts) and Czechoslovak (this part and the next) players would appreciate the attention.

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