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Battle of Prokhorovka
2015-07-09 10:54:00 / Events

The Battle of Prokhorovka was one of the largest of a grueling series of engagements on the Eastern Front, which became known overall as the Battle of Kursk, and took place in July and August of 1943.  On July 12 in a field near the town of Prokhorovka, around 700 German tanks — including Panzer IVs, Tigers and tank destroyers — clashed with around 800 Soviet tanks. In addition to T-34s, and T-70s, the Soviet force had thirty or so Churchill tanks which had charged forward to engage with paratroopers of the 9th Guards Airborne Division on their backs. Tanks and soldiers clashed over the smoke-choked battlefield for eight hours until the Soviets gained possession of the torn and scorched battlefield, at a staggering cost to both sides.

Prokhorovka was a decisive battle — as one of the largest clashes of armored vehicles in history subsided, the Red Army now possessed the strategic initiative for the duration of the war in Europe.

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