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Battle Supply Special
2017-08-24 08:30:00 / Events
supply drop special

Experienced tankers are not only capable of skilful driving and accurate firing. They also sensibly use resources and purchase items, taking advantage of even the smaller discounts. Learn from the best! This week, you have an opportunity to replenish your Garage and upgrade your vehicles. Consumables and Provisions will help you in battle, and purchasing them at a discount will allow you to save your Credits.

From 04:00 PT, (07:00 ET) on August 25 till 04:00 PT, (07:00 ET) on August 28:

 Discount of 20% for Consumables.

 Discount of 20% for Provisions.

 Discounts for garage slots:

Five slots: 800 instead of 1000; Ten slots: 1260 instead of 1800.

 Discount of 25% for instant upgrade of vehicles.

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