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13 and 14 June, the first matches of the new [1,999,007] season WGL RU 2015-2016 year. The twelve best teams in the region intensively preparing for the tournament to show the class.

The first match of the season, and immediately an unexpected result. Holders of second place last season WePlay in a tense struggle losing team LOL Team . NSS Team is true to themselves: strong start any competition – the card of team.

Second day was marked by victories favorites. If Natus Vincere easily won his match on the class, the world champions HellRaisers had to sweat. Especially difficult to fight out Arcade ended in a tiebreaker.

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The second day


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Comments from participants

Captain Na` Vi Dmitry Palaschenko aka LeBwa :

In the offseason, we experienced one change in the composition. Now I am the team captain and TheAnatolich focus on the most effective care team as a player. We are intensively preparing for the season, and the task at Natus Vincere is always – only the first place.

Captain WePlay Bogdan aka Snigach Snigach :

Hello! The season starts in a couple of days and I can responsibly say that our team is ready to give 100 percent. We just tuned in the first place. New team, new maps, new rules … I think that this season will be very heavy and interesting, but we are ready to show excellent results.

manager HR Yuri Bukharov

euphoria after the Grand Final came to an end. Team HR fully immersed in the process of preparing for the new season that promises to be exciting and full of innovation. The new structure of the League, new maps and a lot of new teams Gold Series – the audience will be something to see. The teams also will have to seriously work hard to become the best of the season.

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