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In honor of the 70th anniversary of Victory May 7, 9:00 (GMT) June 1, 9:00 (GMT) in the Premium Shop will be available holiday packages with the “Berlin troika” – the unique premium tanks:

  • T-34-85 «Rudy»;
  • ICS-122C;
  • IS-2.

The models of these machines are made in high definition, and are decorated with special graphics: tactical signs the Berlin operation and symbolism of the original television series “Four tanker and a dog.”

T-34-85 «Rudy», ICS-122C and IS-2 is already staffed with a crew that is 100% owned by the main specialty and skill “Combat Brotherhood”. In addition, to study the following skills and abilities you will need only the amount of experience that corresponds to the first and not the second extra special.

Note: The holiday packages are available for a limited time. Have time to become the owner of an exclusive technology with the symbols of the Great Victory!

Unique offers Premium store – it’s a great opportunity to make a gift to his comrades.

T-34-85 «Rudy»

T-34-85, nicknamed “Red” from Polish television series “Four tanker and a dog” on the combat characteristics substantially similar to pump the T-34-85. The main difference lies in the unique appearance: the model of “the Red” high-resolution carefully moved from the series with the preservation of all the details. This machine will be a wonderful gift for the Victory Day for those who grew up on the adventures of Janek, Gustav, Gzhesya, Tomas and dog Sharik.

The composition of the package:

T-34-85 «Rudy».

Bonus slot in the hangar .

Price for the package – $ 14.2.

See also the video review of this tank by Marakasi:

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