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Two patch without HD tanchikov? Pluck-Plaka.
Weep with you (((

And as Havok?
can not say anything. Most of the work is now on the optimization / performance aims.

Why Brits 11? 9 branch, a top CT, and another where?
2 5 and 2 x 6 x level.

A couple of Churchill Gun Carrier? Maybe without them somehow?
5: Sherman 3, Archer
6: Firefly, Achilles

When is a freebie with British CT10?
No one knows .

A top-end British did in PT 9.5 replacement?

It seems as long ago have said that all new cars will be immediately in HD.
True. Everything is new – in HD. With the exception of T95. Very tank was needed, and the model did not have time.

Uncle Misha, kick someone with his feet on the balance platoons. Playing squad by 7-9 levels possible, 90% cocked bottom of the list. Clans, CB and GK just platoon and joint bleeding and grow. Always play platoon only tens or at a premium level with chopped fights uninteresting.
90% cocked bottom of the list. Looked for a long time already. When went experiences in this regard. Article is not confirmed.

The problem is on the 6 and 8 levels, not always, but mostly in the 9-10 morning and evening. Maybe you have looked more general?
That 8 and checked.

– updated in HD tanks in patch 9.5 will not. What a productive pipeline, however.
Now back to the SD would not have started to convert. Well type conveyor stopped and now will start back to work. Joke, yes.

Uncle Misha, new British TT-CT10, which will replace the current, still not balance? Interesting to know what they will have features.

Why abandoned drum? Too would have been a hell of a car? Sorry, no drum is not what I remember at the beginning of the wafer input, here it was really a machine for Naguib, is not that right now. And how much Vine online was, uh, nice to remember)
Too infernal machine would have been? Yes. Waffles yet lacking.

speak as if imbalanced wafer.

“We breed them Gameplay: one slow and armored Babakhan “- is there about FV183? It will apat? Well about body armor or have considered both in its present form?
“or you Armoured considered as present form?” Yes.

What, again a bunch of new tanchikov? Stop!
Oh. A year ago, the last time was introduced.

A new LT? Or do you only think in the branches? =) Anyway, I still did not bleed the old, and then there’s a pack. So do not look never final cartoon. I’ll leave you = (
Yes. I’m talking about the branch of course. Year was not enough to pump all that is necessary?

Do you come off the conveyor. Yeah.

But there is one way not very pleasant (for me now). You have a small part of the tanks in HD, much in the ordinary. When your one tank hangar in HD, the other does not, the third again in HD – it’s ugly. Standardizing our all.
Now that all the tanks in HD players can not see, then please lay out the old models for HD tanks in the form of fashion (as with HD textures for enthusiasts). It is clear that some of the tanks in the translation in HD modify a reservation, but it is better so.
Too difficult to do this mod. Well kollizhny with visual model will not match since there and sizes including me.

Churchill Gun Carrier fits into a new branch, or will remain optional entertainment for the most stubborn?
will remain.

I wanted to ask, and M48A1 Patton apat planned? And here’s a year as I do not dare to rock: the game can not see the people curse him in what light.
Not yet.

Well, why is it necessary in the game? Armor on the 10th level units have tanks. Others, if they had that 250mm that 14mm – consider, have no armor, in the presence of guns with 295-310mm of penetration in the BB. Hence, here is this imaginary compensation “But his armor, no!” – Does not work.
In the situation where you give such a machine 400 damage, and she in turn brings you into the hangar with fullhitov, with one shot – the player ultimately do not care how many mm was in her booth. Or example 183 and VaffenTragera not learned anything? And then we wonder what the gameplay rolled into nowhere and “APC is dead.”
What horror.

This and all constructive?

Well, he was right, Uncle Misha. Previously against any tank 1×1 could invent something. Now there are machines that do not leave the 1×1 you a chance at all. They can only kill the team. At least twice.
But as random – it’s not a team, but a gathering of 15 strangers, these tanks nogebat incredible. Especially in the endgame, when the fight goes to the individual duel. And this is bad – and the fact that the tanks are there, and what is random – the flock.
Previously against any tank 1×1 could invent something. And with a range of +/- 3 levels fights too?

Again, Uncle Misha, because I’m still in your game. And I write all this from personal experience. The other day came that way on my 4202 against the same wafer. In the melee. Scylla knocked on her psaltery first shell, started spinning, and what do you think? This machine dovernul tower and landed in my 3 projectile. In response to my one. And I had enough, and she went on. PT PT humiliated in that situation, when it should be as it were the other way around, no?
It would seem so.

Uncle Misha, something I’m rusty and Googling, but even more confused – the lamp will give the radio operator in 9.4 or 9.5? Nowhere can not find the exact disk imaging – found only KTTS, but it in the news in September (ie long since obsolete IMHO).
Strongly later.

Much later? How much later? And then I stopped pumping commanders in anticipation khalyavnykh lamp.
In the following year.

Together with other alterations Skills / Perks?
Most likely.

Uncle Misha, and thought there was some significance to increase the perks? For example in one pumped skill / perk to charge 1% to skill primary specialty? (Number of summer just so).
Afraid prevozmoganiya zadrotov in that case.

We breed them in gameplay: one slow and armored Babakhan second relatively movable and unarmored (tower with anti-bullet armor 14mm circle).
This is strange:
In game – FV215b: 59,7 tons, 800 kc engine (13.4 kc / tone), 34,3 km / h
Historically: FV4005 Stage 2 – 50 tons, 640 kc engine (12.75 kc / tone), 34,6 km / h (source: British archival documents)
FV4005 worse 215b mobility. New unhistorical pereappany fake?
And who said that we will not touch 215?

No apa armor.
Well here in the tower found a couple of “holes”. Maybe patched.

Uncle Misha and can be washed down a tick to disable the Brezhnev-style?

Uncle Misha, FV4005 tower circular rotation or vice versa will give for the sake of balance ENT zanerfite compared with FV215b (183)?
While I can not say.

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