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Bingo Contest
2015-11-13 17:30:00 / News
Looking for a rewarding contest that’s out of the ordinary?

We’re changing things up with this contest, because we’ll be playing it in a bingo format. The basic idea is pretty simple: just like bingo, we’ll be providing a bingo card consisting of a grid with different tasks on it. Not only are there multiple ways to win, there’ll be multiple winners, so you’ve got LOTS of chances to win some great in-game prizes!

Complete task squares with the goal of accomplishing either five-in-a-row, all four corners, or a complete blackout with every square on the card completed. 

Contest Begins Monday, November 16
Ends Friday, November 27 Prizes Five-In-A-Row: 14 Days of Premium Time All Four Corners: 250 + 14 Days of Premium Time Black Out: 500 + 30 Days of Premium Time

M22 Locust

While there’ll be multiple winners for each goal, the first player to complete each one of these conditions will receive an M22 Locust in addition to the prizes mentioned above!

Note: Players are limited to one entry and each entry is only elligible for one winning condition. 

Bonus Square

One of the squares on the bingo card has been designated as a “bonus square,” and using that square in a winning entry will enter you into another competition for a chance to win a Fury Sherman.

The 20 players with the highest win rate entered in the bonus square contest will win a Fury. Win rate will be sampled from duration of the bingo contest, and players must fight at least 400 battles during the contest to qualify. Players who participate in at least 800 battles during the contest and achieve a win rate of 58% or higher will automatically win a Fury, but not be counted towards the top 20 players. How to Enter and Full Details For further information and instructions on how to enter, please visit the contest’s official thread on the forums.

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