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Black Friday
2017-11-22 09:00:00 / Events

We’ve almost forgotten how warm the sun can be, the first snow is on the way. Winter holidays are coming! Treat yourself to some gifts—enjoy the unprecedented discounts in World of Tanks Blitz.

From 22 November 16:00 (PT), 19:00 (ET) through 3 December 16:00 (PT), 19:00 (ET):

 10-50% discounts on all Tier II–VIII researchable vehicles (except the new British ones)

 60% discount on instant upgrades

 30% discount on permanent enrichment of Tier V–VIII vehicles

 50% discount on temporary enrichment of Tier V–X vehicles

  50% discount on accelerated equipment unlock

Camouflage Comeback

Black Friday grants access to rare camouflages at a 50% discount:

Verdun Forest


Man’s Best Friend


Shattered Ice



Look Different


Effective Concealment

Mint Candy

The Dead Rail Trackers

Blitz Brawlers

The Mirage Phantoms

The Rockfield Rackers

Black Friday Containers

For 11 days, special containers will be available, where you can find the following:

 T7 Combat Car  Tetrarch  T-15  FCM 36 Pak 40  credits (50,000; 100,000)  gold (125; 200; 2,500)  Medium Combat XP Booster (5)  Medium Crew XP Booster (15) Medium Free XP Booster (10)  Large Combat XP Booster (5)  Large Crew XP Booster (10) Large Free XP Booster (10)  Premium Account Certificate (9 h; 24 h)

In addition to standard container prizes, 10 Black Friday Emblems will drop from every opened container. To receive an additional reward, you have to collect 100 Emblems. After you have opened ten containers, you will get a random Premium vehicle from the list below:

FCM 50 t


AC 1 Sentinel
Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm

M4A2E4 Sherman

Ram II

Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f)

AC IV Sentinel




If you already have a vehicle that dropped from the container, you will get compensation in credits and a Garage slot.

Container Sets

Ten special Black Friday containers will be available for purchase for $8.99, 30 containers—for $25.99.

One special Black Friday container will be available for 320, five containers—for 1,550, 15 containers—for 3,990.

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