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Blaze WZ and Glacial 112 Tips
2017-02-13 18:00:00 / News

Our “New Moon” event introduced two the Blaze WZ and the Glacial 112. While the earning stage is over, there’s still time to complete unfinished stages for Gold and get yourself one of these tanks. Here’s a few tips from our staff on how to get the most out of them.

We heard the feedback about the Blaze WZ 135G and we’re improving some of its stats. Look for those improvements in Update 3.7.

Blaze WZ Good top speed, but can take a while to get going Avoid taking fire as much as possible Slow reload means you need to make each shot count “Patience is paramount with the Blaze WZ. Mind your position and choose shots wisely.”

hustlebones, Blitz Assistant Producer

Glacial 112 Don’t be afraid to use HEAT rounds; they’ll penetrate better than AP Keep the lower glacis covered, it’s not well armored Maneuverability comes at the cost of softer armor. Don’t be afraid to use it! “Play the mid-to-long game in the Glacial. Protect your dome at all costs.”

CC_Sly, Community Manager

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