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Blitz Madness: Championship
2015-04-15 10:28:00 / Events

The Championship weekend of Blitz Madness is now upon us, and the Final Four have now become only two. It’s down to the T49 and the M4 Sherman to see which is the master of madness! Find out if you’ve made the list of top 100 XP earners on the forums, and see if you’re getting 1,000 and a Garage Slot! 

This weekend, we’re bringing Blitz Madness to its epic finale. You’ll not only find out which of these tanks will be crowned the winner, but also which players will win the grand prize of the Pz. II J and Garage Slot! Just keep driving those finalists tanks and earn the most XP possible!

Start Time: Thursday, April 16, 04:00 PDT / 07:00 EDT
End Time: Sunday, April 19, 04:00 PDT / 07:00 EDT

Plus, take advantage of our discounts and bonuses this weekend as the two tanks clash for the championship title!

Championship Weekend T49 M4 Sherman Bonus and Discounts

Experience for the First Victory of the Day

30% Gold Discount on the following Premium vehicles:

Dicker Max Panther/M10

15% Credit Discount on all medium and heavy tanks, tiers VII – IX

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