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Hello everyone,

some WoT Blitz answers from Russian forums:

– developers are experimenting with a city map á la Himmelsdorf
– British and French tanks with camouflages will come in at least 3 separate patches
– tier 1-4 reduced MM spread will not be touched for now, developers are thinking what to do with tiers 5-6
– reworked versions of WoT maps (Lakesville, Westfield, Malinovka) etc. will be added, “new” Malinovka is on its way
– developers are planning to add graphic settings to the Android version
– in patch 1.5 there will be several premium tanks, no Chinese ones however
– national emblems are missing from tanks, because Blitz doesn’t use a decal system. This will be implemented in time, but only after camouflage
– reload timer in aim circle will not come until after 1.7
– it’s possible that WoWp and WoWs will be made for mobile platforms as well
– developers are still working on gamepad support for Android
– no plans to nerf KV-1S the was it was done in PC version

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