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Blitz Twister Cup 2017 Finals
2017-11-10 12:00:00 / Tournaments

Are you excited to see the most epic battles? The final battles of the international tournament are just hours away!

We’d like to remind the lucky ticket holders that the event will take place at the following address: Belarus, Minsk, PRIME HALL concert venue at the Zamok shopping centre. Those who aren’t able to come are invited to watch the live stream. The tournament finals will be covered for you by SIm_Saladin, Deselver, and Tortik in Russian and Bushka in English.

Schedule 13:30—start of the event 13:45—introduction of participating teams 14:10—start of matches 16:40—rand Finals

Please note that the schedule may change depending on the duration of the battles. So if you don’t want to miss anything, please come to the very beginning. In addition to the tournament, we will show battles between developers and players, interviews with the winners and runners-up, the cup award ceremony, and Blitz Twister Cup closing.


Different kinds of teams have made it to the finals: here we have last year’s winners—C4 and the newly formed Blitzkrieg. We’ve already provided detailed descriptions of the participants, today we’ll give only basic information. So, here are the finalists of the Blitz Twister Cup preliminaries:

RU region: [C4] C4 Vladimir Fomin (Swarov5ki) Ivan Matskevich (ufpnjh) Vadim Chudaikin (SevenMinutes) Alexandr Mitianin (iLucique) Vladyslav Demydov (LordVladius) Nikita Maksimov (CTaTucT__33RuS) Herman Prokharau (Pingver)

EU region: [LGN] Legion Martin Mortensen (Bini_LGN) Benjamin Matthews (Blast_LGN) Sten Niezen (Diesel_LGN) Jan Serafin (Engy_LGN) Luca Munteanu-Gurgu (GangDalf_LGN) Oisin O’ Brien (Oxbow_LGN) Tomas Becher (Dictator_LGN)

Asia region: [EHR] EHRE2 Riku Aoki (AOMUSHI_ULTIMATE) Seiho Shu (musukangu) Hayato Tajima (BEAT_HIT_BIT_HEAT) Yuta Inoue (senei) Seiji Shimazu (Folman) Yuto Ishii (Astolfo_prpr) Subaru Takeuchi (plusgamma)

NA region: [PRAMO] Blitzkrieg Vladimir Kouzin-Sutyrin (Vovko) Zeyu Guan (_Dragongeddon) Eduardo Ruiz (Fishy_) Stephen Meyer (iRakkonen) Hsiang Wang (Prodigy1222) Francisco Esparza Blanco (LetsMakePeopleHateUsMore) Vadim Uretsky (mike82198)

See you on November 11. Spectacular battles are waiting for you!

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